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Easy to operate cover for basement exit thanks to gas springs provides more ample room on terrace and in garden

Gas springs always at your service: they keep the cover of the basement stairs open or closed

It can be so easy to gain space! The basement stairs took up valuable space on this terrace. Therefore, the company Hubert Reier GmbH in Bad Soden (Germany) presented the customer with an easy and clever solution: covering the entire staircase with sturdy, wood-covered flaps. When closed they can be walked on, making the terrace area considerably larger and more attractive.

However: The basement door should be accessible at all times without great effort and complicated ‘opening or closing manoeuvres’. The solution were DICTATOR gas springs and the corresponding – free of charge – DICTATOR advisory service. The requirements were quite ‘tricky’: The individual elements should be kept closed as well as open only by means of the gas springs. If the elements were mechanically locked in the closed position, it wouldn’t be possible to open the cover from the outside, only from the basement. And that was not desired.

A gas spring was used for every covering element, each of which weighs about 50 kg. The gas springs were calculated so that the flaps could be opend and closed with little manual force. The flaps remain reliably open but can be easily closed by hand as well. The dampened closing prevents the flaps from falling down and possibly causing injury.

In order for the gas springs to function optimally, the correct fixing points are of crucial importance, as each millimeter of difference can influence the function. In this case, one dimension changed on site as the plates of the cover were being installed. However, the gas springs had already been delivered. True to the DICTATOR slogan “The DICTATOR family – we’re here to help”, there was no question for our technical customer advisor at DICTATOR Neusäß: the calculation of the correct fixing points was adjusted to the new requirements in such a way that the delivered gas springs could function exactly as desired. Both the company Reier and the end customer were very happy – and DICTATOR as well, because also we are just as happy about every succussfully fulfilled customer inquiry.

gas springs covering stairs. Thanks to gas springs the covering of the basement stairs is made easy and gains space on the terrace and in the garden

The staircase to the basement before

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The gas springs assist in opening and keep the covering in opened – the basement door can be accessed as easily as before.

The gas springs assist with the opening and keep the cover opened – the basement door can be accessed just as easily as before.

Not easy to believe that basement stairs are beneath the wooden panels which – thanks to correspondingly calculated gas springs – are always accessible.

Not easy to believe that basement stairs are beneath the wooden panels which are always accessible thanks to the correspondingly calculated gas springs.