Gas springs

DICTATOR, THE special supplier of top quality high-performance gas springs, has an absolutely unique position in the market.

Decades of experience and our flexible and highly efficient production enable us to manufacture custom-made gas springs of the highest quality – also in small batches or even single units. Before leaving the factory, each DICTATOR gas spring is submitted to a computer-aided test. This assures not only a high operating safety but also long operational life.

Benefit from our free calculation service! We will design the perfect solution for your application.

Quality control on the electronic test stand

Quality control on the electronic test stand

Push Type Gas Springs

Push type gas springs

The DICTATOR high-performance gas springs are appropriate for a multitude of applications. They can be installed everywhere where flaps, hatches, windows, covers, etc. have to be opened, closed or moved in any way.

Gas Springs with Floating Piston

Gas springs with floating piston

DICTATOR push-type gas springs with floating piston have especially been designed for applications in which a particularly even and slow movement is required to prevent damage, e.g. on sensible objects.

Pull Type Gas Springs

Pull type gas springs

The DICTATOR pull type gas springs are especially intended for those applications in which the use of a normal push type gas spring is not possible or unfavourable, e.g. due to lack of space.

Locking Gas Springs

Locking gas springs

The locking high-performance gas springs of DICTATOR offer, in addition to the normal function, the possibility to block the moved object in any position. It can be chosen between rigid and cushioned locking.

Variable Speed Gas Springs

Variable speed gas springs

DICTATOR variable speed gas springs combine the function of a gas spring and a hydraulic damper. They are used when the extending speed of the gas spring has to be adjustable on site.

End Fittings and Mounting Brackets

End fittings, mounting brackets

The optimal adaptation of every DICTATOR gas spring to the application requires not only an exact calculation but also the selection of the appropriate accessories.

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