Radial Dampers / Rotation Dampers

The radial dampers, also named rotation dampers, provide the control and the damping of rotating and linear movements over long distances.

They are ideal for avoiding high mass forces. They control and reduce speed during the whole travel of moving objects, e.g. sliding doors and gates, of sledges or carriages in machine construction.

All types can be adjusted continuously. DICTATOR radial dampers damp in both directions, but usually they come with a free wheel in one direction.

Information about the radial dampers approved for their use on fire protection sliding doors and gates can be found under Fire Door Operators.

radial dampers rotations dampers for sliding doors radial damper
Radial Dampers LD

Radial Dampers LD

The patented lamellar radial dampers LD are characterized by their small basic dimensions combined with high performance and the possibility to individually adapt them to requirements of the customers.


Radial Dampers RD 240/241

Radial dampers with aluminium casing, approved for their use on fire protection doors. This series also includes special executions for damping access sliding doors to real estates.

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