Gas Springs with Floating Piston

For most push type gas springs is choosen the damping on extending stroke in order to spare the material such as the hinges etc. But sometimes this function is not sufficient. For these cases DICTATOR offers the gas springs with floating piston. They facilitate to extend the piston rod at a slow and constant speed that can extremely be reduced.

Of the push type gas springs with floating piston we provide 3 diameter series. The gas springs are fabricated custom-made for your application, according to your requirements – also as single unit or in small quantities. With your order you simply indicate, in addition to the normal data (as with the push type gas springs), the time which the piston rod should take to extend.

Our technical advisory service will gladly calculate the adequate gas spring for your application. Just contact us. We will find the appropriate solution to your problem, too.

Gas springs floating piston. Very sensible medical equipment is a typical application

Very sensible medical equipment is a typical application

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