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DICTATOR Productie was founded on 6 June 1932 by the family Trapman, shortly after the DICTATOR door check had been patented. At that time the name of the company was NV DICTATOR deursluiter maatschappij. The company was first located in Amsterdam, then in Bussum near Amsterdam.

The first production site of the DICTATOR door check was a garage. Bit by bit it was enlarged and in 1965 it moved to Emmeloord in the Noordoostpolder. In the 1940ies the Noordoostpolder was reclaimed from the Ijsselmeer and lies about 5 m below sea level. An ideal place for an ambitious company!

DICTATOR Productie joined the DICTATOR group only in 1988. Until then DICTATOR Productie and the German DICTATOR group had been competitors! Both “branches” had developed independently from each other, both based on the patent of the DICTATOR door check which had been invented together by a German and a Dutch. In the middle of the eighties it became evident that in the family Trapman, the owners of DICTATOR Productie, no successor could be found who wanted to continue the company boasting a long tradition. And so the competition of the German and Dutch “descendants” of the original inventors of the DICTATOR door check became once again a cooperation.

Following the reunification and thanks to the united efforts, the number of sold DICTATOR door checks (for hinged lift doors and for mounting on any type of door) increased considerably and resulted in a substantial extension of the production. In 1996 a spacious assembly hall was built. Due to the sandy subsoil (the company is located “op de zeebodem” (on sea ground)), the hall had to be built on more than 9 m long concrete foundation pillars. In 2003 a new, modern machine hall was added, replacing the former one. This created the optimum conditions for the state-of-the-art machinery and the fully automatic cylinder production, visible proof of the DICTATOR success story which had started more than 80 years ago with a common invention and which is now continued together.

As the Noordoostpolder is about 5 m below sea level, the assembly hall had to be founded on 9 m long pillars.

As the Noordoostpolder is about 5 m below sea level, the assembly hall had to be founded on 9 m long pillars.

DICTATOR Productie in Bussum

DICTATOR Productie in Bussum

DICTATOR Productie 1987

DICTATOR Productie 1987 – with the new office building

DICTATOR Productie 1996 – Bau der neuen Montagehalle

DICTATOR Productie 1996 – construction of the new assembly hall

DICTATOR Productie Today

About Us

Pioneering spririt was at the beginning of our enterprise – without it the DICTATOR door check never would have been developed. And it has continued to be a decisive factor during the more than 80 years of our success story. It was necessary when moving in the Noordoostpolder, an area which is 5 m below sea level, and also for conquering new markets as the Netherlands themselves were a too small market in the long run. And a basic for pioneering spirit is also the team spirit within our company, the pulling together, the appreciation of every single co-worker.

DICTATOR Productie Team

Our Strong Points

Since our beginnings, here at DICTATOR Productie the production has always inseparably been connected with the distribution. This is also a reason for the outstanding quality and the large number of different DICTATOR door checks. They had continuously been enhanced and new types were created due to requirements of the market. The many – usually not very successful – attempts to copy our door checks also have stimulated us to permanently improve and automate our production engineering, so that our production is extremely cost-efficient in spite of our location. The challenge was to develop machines or production processes ourselves which are flexible enough to cope with our many different models. Despite this, all work steps which machines can perform faster and in better quality than man, have to be automated as far as possible. This challenge we permanently meet anew. The know-how of more than 80 years of production, being open for all new ideas, the readiness to always put to test the existing and the enthusiasm of all of us to permanently work on improvements – all this brought about that our production engineering is always up front. Already in the 1980ies our first robot, fondly called Robby, was at work. By now “Robby two” took over and renders good service as diligently as failure-free. Now, even more than in former times, the “intelligent” automation (among which also counts the CAD/CAM control of our CNC machines) offers the possibility of flexibility, with the corresponding high quality and short lead times.

Across the years many more products – always out of market requirements – have been added to the door checks which were at the beginning of our success story. A very good example is our Mechanical Timer which doesn’t need electricity to let sliding doors close only after an adjustable time delay. A product which is based on the functional principle of our door check but has to accomplish completely different requirements. It also would be difficult to imagine the market without our swing door hinges. Due to their special functioning and high quality, they are far superior to standard swing door hinges. Other products are amongst others the door holders ZE and the closing springs as the Piccolo or the concealed jamb closers.

The machine hall at DICTATOR Productie

The machine hall at DICTATOR Productie

Our first “Robby” was still quite inconspicuous.

Our first “Robby” was still quite inconspicuous.

“Robby Two” takes the cylinder sleeves out of the CNC turning machine, cleans, controls and places them into a processing pallet.

“Robby Two” takes the cylinder sleeves out of the CNC turning machine, cleans, controls and places them into a processing pallet.

DICTATOR Productie Zylindermontage

The cylinder sleeves in the pallets are moved to the automatic cylinder assembling unit where they are completed.


Often it is tried to copy the products made by DICTATOR Productie. The quality of our DICTATOR products, however, is without parallel. Thanks to the know-how built up during decades, together with personal commitment and the unrestrained enthusiasm for the new, DICTATOR Productie has succeeded – as the other DICTATOR productions, too – to master the splits between highest quality, flexibility and economic production.

The cylinders of our door checks are made of solid material, the only way to meet the DICTATOR quality standard.

The machine outfit of DICTATOR Productie includes amongst others several long turning automatic screw machines, an automatic lathe for the zylinders of the door checks with robot withdrawal and control, an OKUMA machining centre which facilitates the extremely little tolerances of the piston dimensions necessary for the faultless functioning of the DICTATOR door checks and a fully automatic plant for assembling the cylinders – of course also with an integrated quality control. Only when the final control has been passed, every cylinder is engraved with a code which indicates the exact type and production batch. This allows to follow up every DICTATOR door check.

But of course we also have conventional machines which assure the needed flexibility, the development of new products with the necessary making of samples and also of special solutions.

Following the motto “One test is no test” all our products are permanently subject to load tests and endurance tests in our own testing centre, because stability and longevity are crucial quality criteria of all DICTATOR products.

DICTATOR Productie in Bussum

The fully automatic mounting of the cylinders

Every cylinder has to go through a final test. Only perfect quality will be mounted in the door checks.

Every cylinder has to go through a final test. Only perfect quality will be mounted in the door checks.

DICTATOR Productie - Kennzeichnung der Zylinder

Every cylinder is marked with type and production batch after it has passed the final test.

DICTATOR Productie tests door checks

One of our numerous endurance tests – our door checks easily complete more than 1 million movements!


The complete production range of DICTATOR Productie at a glance: