DICTATOR Interlock Control System

Whether in laboratories, in the food industry, pharmaceutical industry or research, simply everywhere where there are needed special environments or clean rooms for the production or research an interlock control system is necessary. It controls the possibility to enter certain rooms in dependence of other doors.


  • Peripheral system: The control boards where the relations between the doors are adjusted, are situated directly in the control terminals of the respective doors.
  • Central system: The control boards are combined in a central casing. On the doors are mounted just simple operating terminals.
  • Switch box version: The components of the terminals are mounted in an off-the-shelf switch system. Used with central controller, electric connection to be provided by the customer.
DICTATOR Interlock Control System

What makes the DICTATOR interlock control system so unique?

No computer programming knowledge necessary

You need no knowledge of computer science or a complex PLC control system to adjust the relations between the doors. The “programming” consists of adjusting simple DIP switches. At any time it can easily be modified by instructed persons (without special computer knowledge).

Very simple programming - completely without computing

Easy mounting

With the peripheral and central systems all intra-system components are pluggable. For most connections are used flat cables with RJ45 connectors. All cables and their corresponding plug-in-positions are colour-coded so it is nearly impossible to make errors during connection.
Even the power pack for supplying the components has a connection cable with safety plug and hasn’t to be opened even for mounting.
Simple installations can therefore be mounted without needing specialists.

Most simple connection of the terminals by colour-coded flat cables with RJ45 connectors


The system has a modular structure, i.e. it is extremely adaptable and flexible.
The interlock control system can easily be linked to a facility management system and many special functions are possible, too. Among these are for example a time control unit to time the clearing of doors (e.g. only after a certain temperature or quality of the air has been achieved), the possibility to integrate and control door operators of different makes, to realize discretion circuits, to assume commands from a facility management system and much more.
The DICTATOR interlock control system has also available an approved emergency exit terminal to integrate doors in emergency exits – of course meeting all corresponding requirements.

The ex-proof operating terminal: very hard to distinguish from the normal terminals.


The DICTATOR curstomer service will be happy to elaborate a complete and detailed offer for your application. Please fill in this questionnaire as detailed as possible and e-mail it to info@dictator.de or fax it to the following number: +49 821 2467390