Push Type Gas Springs

The DICTATOR high-performance push type gas springs make life easier. They lift your loads – always gently, without effort and yanks. That spares man and material and provides a long operational life.

The possibilities of application are as numerous as our model variants. For that reason, DICTATOR does not present type tables and has only a limited number of models on stock. We manufacture the gas springs for your application according to your requirements – also single units and small batches.

Due to their variability, the DICTATOR high-performance push type gas springs can be used in all constructions where components have to be lifted and/or kept open, or where a weight compensation is needed.

The DICTATOR push type gas springs not only offer high quality but also a multitude of additional options as release valve, oil chamber, protective tube, additional helical spring or biological oil, which considerably widen the application possibilities.

Our technical advisory service will gladly calculate the correct gas spring. Just contact us. We will find also for you the appropriate solution.

2D & 3D Drawings

Push type gas springs high performance motion control

Gorgeous display of lights with DICTATOR gas springs

The Ars Electronica museum

The Ars Electronica museum for engineering in Linz/Austria