Fire door control solutions

Hold-open systems and accessories for fire doors

Hold-open systems keep doors open during normal operation and, at the same time, ensure that they close automatically in case of a fire

In case there’s a fire, fire barriers ensure that the fire cannot spread unhindered though the entire building. Therefore, doors in fire sections must be tested and approved for this purpose and must be self-closing in accordance with the regulations.

However, in many buildings, it is necessary to keep a fire / smoke protection closure temporarily open. If a wedge – or similar – is used for this this purpose, then doors cannot fulfill their function in the event of a fire! Therefore hold-open systems have to be used for the task.

Hold-open system

Many years of experience in the field of fire protection


Versatile quality components for fire and smoke doors


Broad product range enables many special solutions


Robust and resistant systems

Also hold-open systems for hazardous areas


Individual planning and advisory service

Information on hold-open systems

Components for hold-open systems

Hold-open system Central unit RZ-24

Central unit RZ-24

For power suppy and evaluation of fire detectors

Fire alarms and malfunctions are also registered in the system

Smoke detector RM 4000

Smoke detectors & heat detectors

Immediately report a fire to the central unit and ensure that the hold-open system is triggered safely

Tested in accordance with European standard EN 54

Range S electromagnets


Keep fire doors open

Wide range with models for practically every application

Counter plate - Range W

Counter plates

Counterpart to ensure the adhesive force of the electromagnets

Different types for different requirements on mounting positions and function

Door sequence selector for fire doors SR 90

Door sequence selectors

Ensure that double-leaf doors close in the correct order

Different options that can also be retrofitted to existing doors

Surface-installed hand switch for hold-open systems

Accessories for hold-open systems

Release switches & mounting brackets for electromagnets

Surface-mounted and flush release switches, telescopic bracket & bracket with swivel head for electromagnets

ATEX Hold-open system components

Ex-proof hold-open systems

For hazardous areas

General information about the system, components and solutions

Other accessories for fire doors

Door damper V 1600F firedoors

Door dampers for fire doors

The approved solution for fire and smoke doors

Intercepts the door right before closing and pulls it quietly and securely into the lock, keeping it reliably closed

HLS Verriegelung

HLS thermal bolting

Safely closed fire doors – without gaps

Prevents fire doors from warping in the event of a fire