Pull Type Gas Springs

The DICTATOR pull type gas springs are the solution when due to a lack of space a normal push type gas spring cannot be mounted. The pull type gas springs operate according to the converse functional principle as the push type gas springs. That means the gas pressure in the cylinder pulls the piston rod inside. Application examples are flaps, windows and hatches that mostly open downwards.

The pull type gas springs distinguish themselves from the pull type gas springs also by their exterior: with the same piston rod diameter they have a cylinder with a larger diameter and with the same stroke their complete length is longer.

Same as the push type gas springs, the needed pull type gas spring is fabricated custom-made for your special application – also as single unit or in small quantities.

Our technical advisory service will gladly calculate the adequate gas spring for your application. Just contact us. We will find the appropriate solution to your problem, too.

DICTATOR pull type gas springs

Heavy flaps as the one shown are a typical application for the DICTATOR pull type gas springs


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