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The cooperation between DICTATOR Technik GmbH and WaCo GERÄTETECHNIK GmbH started already in 1991, one year before the foundation of the company WaCo. DICTATOR was looking for a reliable partner for producing their own DICTATOR electromagnets. This search ended with the company Meßelektronik, more precisely with their sector ‘Mechanical Production’. An engineer, excited by the new challenge, replied in the shortest time to DICTATOR’s DICTATOR and presented the first ready electromagnet during a surprise visit to Neusäß. A close cooperation began.

In 1992, by a “Management-Buy-Out” of the sector Mechanical Production of the company Meßelektronik the company WaCo GERÄTETECHNIK GmbH formed, DICTATOR being one of the partners.

In spite of the very difficult beginnings, both managing partners from Dresden, Volker Wahl and Uwe Paulick, succeeded to turn this company into a model company within only a few years.

For the time being, WaCo had to stay in the dilapidated building where the Mechanical Production of Meßelektronik had been housed. An important factory equipment were buckets, because the roof was leaking! But already at the end of 1996 WaCo had been successful: they moved to Weixdorf, north of Dresden – in their own, new and modern building with a production area of 1500 sqm. The inauguration festivities on 4 April 1997 also commemorated their 5th founding year. Not even 5 years later a second hall was added and put into operation in October 2000.

In the 2nd quarter of 2010 the punch laser machines moved to a new building in the same industrial area. There a high bay racking had been installed which automatically feeds and also unloads the machines. A second mounting hall followed and a spacious office building. Since 1 January 2014, WaCo has completely moved to their new address Am Promigberg 18. The former buildings are now used for storage and the final mounting of complex, big control cabinets.

Since 2019 WaCo is part of the Wickeder Group.

The main focus of the cooperation between DICTATOR and WaCo are the electromagnets and the interlock control system. However, the main business of WaCo are since their foundation the „Dienstleistungen in Blech“, i.e. services in sheet metal. In the beginning predominated job order production, but more and more WaCo specialized in complete products in sheet metal and as a problem solver also took over the construction work for the customers. That this had been the right way, showed the ever growing, state-of-the-art machine park for sheet metal working. Already in the year of the foundation 1992, the first Trumpf CNC Rotation punch nibble machine Trumatic 120 was installed. It was followed by other ultra-modern Trumpf sheet metal working machines, the Trumatic 500 and the combined punch laser machines TC 600, TC 6000 and TC 7000. But also many other CNC sheet metal working and cutting machines belong to the machinery of WaCo.

DICTATOR electromagnets made in Dresden

DICTATOR electromagnets made in Dresden – presentation at the consumer and information fair “Dresdner Herbst“ (Dresden autum) from 31 August till 6 September 1991

1992: WaCo in the Meschwitzstraße (street), Dresden

1992: WaCo in the Meschwitzstraße (street), Dresden

production meeting

Production meeting 1992 at WaCo – the visitors admire the new, modern Trumatic 120.

WaCo – Am Promigberg 4

WaCo – Am Promigberg 4 was built in 2 phases of construction: 1996 the left area with the office building, 2000 the production hall on the right.

About us

In the less than 25 years of our existence, we have managed to increase our workforce from 27 employees in 1992 to almost 80 and an additional 7 trainees. It has always been important for us to keep the company “lean”, to avoid unnecessary hierarchies and to always work with the latest technology. And we continued seeking new challenges. That’s why we developed very quickly from a pure contract manufacturer in the sheet metal sector to a supplier of complete packages. We design for our customers, optimize their equipment for them and manufacture it on state-of-the-art equipment. We are proud to count such renowned companies as Siemens, Bosch, Dräger and many more among our customers – and, of course, DICTATOR.

All our co-workers pull together and therefore we think that those who work a lot also have to celebrate a lot. Every 5 years we organize a bigger celebration, either in our premises, on a cruise on the Elbe or in the Brauhaus.

20 years of WaCo

20 years of WaCo – celebration in the Ballhaus Watzke on 30 March 2012

Our strong points

The founding of WaCo already included a certain pioneering spirit, the willingness to take on a considerable risk. And this attitude never left us. Our aim has always been to offer our customers optimum services and products, always taking advantage of the latest technology. Through the targeted use of new technologies, we have been able to constantly expand our range and offer competitive prices at the highest quality.

The latest innovation at the site is our Trumpf laser welding robot. This enables us to weld housings so precisely that no disturbing welding seams occur and no subsequent grinding is necessary. The distortion is much lower and the pure welding time is much shorter. The prerequisite for this, however, is a design suitable for laser-welding, something that our designers also had to learn first. In addition, our work preparation department now has to design fixtures that were not previously required for conventional TIG welding.

One of our decisive strengths is to always be open to new ideas, to always want to be one step ahead.

Our new welding robot TruLaser Robot 5020: optimum welding results require optimum preparation.
new welding robot TruLaser Robot 5020:

Our new welding robot TruLaser Robot 5020: optimum welding results require optimum preparation.


All activities and processes of our company are included in our quality management system according to DIN ISO 9001:2008.
Multiple and successfully passed customer audits document our high quality level.
WaCo Gerätetechnik GmbH quality is composed of many modules:

  • Friendly and reliable relations with the customers
  • On-schedule deliveries
  • Top-quality and true-to-dimension parts and components
  • Fair dealings with partners and co-workers

Environmental protection

As a medium-sized Saxon company we are aware of our responsibility towards the environment and are commited to using raw materials and energy sparingly:

  • Efficient use and correct selection of materials and processes already start with the design and material procurement.
  • Modern and regularly maintained machines, as well as qualified personnel contribute to preventing malfunctions and accidents.
  • All regulations for the storage, handling and disposal of auxiliary and operating materials are known within the company and are complied with.
  • We pay attention to the best possible separation and return of any recyclable materials.
  • All co-workers are encouraged to constantly improve environmental protection and to use resources with consideration.

Our products meet all specified legal requirements and guidelines.

The implementation and compliance with RoHS and REACH is checked in our company for all delivered products.

The DICTATOR electromagnets, tested according to EN 1155

The DICTATOR electromagnets, tested according to EN 1155, are subject to detailed tests during and after mounting.

Of course also conventional production devices are available

Of course also conventional production devices are available.

WaCo Blechbearbeitung

Our automatic sheet steel processing: four laser and punch laser machines are automatically fed with sheet steel from the high bay racking behind, the worked material is then automatically unloaded.

Qualitätskontrolle mit digitalen Meßinstrumenten

These parts are then processed on our modern bending presses.

WaCo‘s production range


  • Electromagnets with counter plates (amongst other tested according to EN 1155)
  • Interlock control system with power packs, centrals, terminals and other related components. If required, also with ATEX or UL authorization
  • Casings for different DICTATOR power packs and control systems

“Dienstleistungen in Blech und mehr” – Services in sheet steel and more

  • Engineering
  • CNC sheet steel technologies
  • Mechanical working
  • Welding technology
  • CNC cutting
  • Assembling
  • Surface engineering

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engineering and production of complete control cabinets

One of the strong points of WaCo is the engineering and production of complete control cabinets, e.g. for the company Siemens.

electromagnets with counter plates, Interlock control system with power packs, centrals, terminals

DICTATOR electromagnets – made by WaCo

interlock control system

DICTATOR interlock control system – made by WaCo

Ingeniously simple: completely pluggable and very easy to program by DIP switches

 signal control for hold-open systems

DICTATOR signal control for hold-open systems – in a casing made by WaCo