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DICTATOR Door Closing Solutions

DICTATOR has been a synonym for reliable, mechanical solutions for doors and gates for more than 80 years. By now the range not only includes products for the closing, but many possibilities for the controlled moving of doors and gates.

Door Checks

Door Checks

Slow down doors on the last centimeters, so they close silently and remain closed

Different models for interior and exterior doors, fire protection doors and sliding doors

door closers for special demands

Door Closers

Automatically close hinged and sliding doors

Door closer DIREKT, tube door closer RTS, floor spring WAB 180, closing springs, sliding door closer DICTAMAT 50

Back Checks

Back Checks

Slow down the opening speed of doors and limit the opening angle

Models with pre-adjusted and adjustable damping force

Door Holders

Door Holders

Lock doors in any position

Door holders ZE Standard and Design Line, door stop and buffer

swing door hinges

Swing Door Hinges

For the controlled and safe moving of swing doors

HAWGOOD 4000 and 4500, HAWGOOD 40K and 41K, HAWGOOD 41 and 42

Solutions for Sliding Doors

Release Buffer for Sliding Doors

Pushes sliding doors out of wall pockets

Mechanical Timer

Keeps open doors with door closer for a short period

Complement for doors with door closer, holding open time adjustable

Special Solutions, Picture Gallery

Here you will find some application examples of DICTATOR door closing products.

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