Back checks

Prevent uncontrolled opening of hinged doors

Application and function

  • Beside the damage this could cause to the door, fittings and possibly the wall, doors opening at an uncontrolled speed also present a risk of accident not to be underestimated
  • They slow down doors that open too fast and limit their opening angle. Thus they prevent damages to the door and the hinges
  • Back checks are used on doors which could slam open against a wall or some other obstacle by gusts of wind, draught or just simply by being torn from the users’ hand when opening
  • Available in two standard series: with preset damping force (TB) and with adjustable damping force (TBR)
  • For each series there are several models available for different door sizes
  • Most back checks are also optionally available with an integrated mechanical stop in the open position
  • Large range of standard types which cover a great variety of applications
  • We also offer customized models – appropriate for special applications
  • The tables on series TB and TBR list the different standard models. They also show the door weight up to which the respective back check may be used

To make sure that you get the optimum product for your application, our technical customer advisors will be happy to determine the most suitable version including fastening points for you. Please fill out this form and send photos of the interior and exterior view of the door to

Installation situations


Back check TB zinc-plated

Back check TB series

Non-adjustable models

Back check TBR zinc-plated

Back check TBR series

With adjustable damping force

Installation accessories for back checks

Back check sets, installation accessories

Application pictures