The Mechanical Sliding Door Closer DICTAMAT 50 Conquers New Application Ranges

The flexible closing system DICTAMAT 50 for small up to medium sized sliding doors opens up new application possibilities. Because of the newly added versions, it is possible to realize more requests – where necessary also with freewheel function.

In the beginning the sliding door closer DICTAMAT 50 was a simple combination of a spring rope pulley for closing a sliding door and a radial damper for controlling the closing speed. Because of the growing market for sliding doors, during the last years the demand for appropriate closing solutions increased.
Thanks to the enlargement of the modular structured closing system, now additional solutions are possible which suit the requirements of very different sliding doors – completely mechanically.

Even more space saving: the new model with steel wire drive rope

Connecting the components by a tensioned steel wire drive rope offers new, up to now unexplored application possibilities. The DICTAMAT 50 WS has been designed as a modular system with single components. The system needs considerably less space than the previous models because it doesn’t require a revolving rope or suitable for applications with very little space above the door.

mechanical sliding door closer

The different functions offer manifold application possibilities

The single components of the DICTAMAT 50 WS are so flexible that – depending on the combination – three different operation modes of the sliding door closer are possible:

  • DICTAMAT 50 WS: Base model with mere closing function
  • DICTAMAT 50 WS-M – with hold-open function: By means of an electromagnet it is possible to keep the door in the open position. The closing of the door is triggered either by a hand switch or a smoke detector.
  • DICTAMAT 50 WS-MFL – with freewheel function: Nowadays many sliding doors are running so smoothly that they easily can be opened and closed by hand. However, if they are fire protection sliding doors, it always has to be made sure that they will automatically close in the event of an alarm. The DICTAMAT 50 WS-MFL has been designed to exactly meet these demands: When first opening the door, the carrier casing is pushed into the open position and kept there by an electromagnet. Now the door is free to be moved manually. In the event of an alarm, the magnet will release the carrier casing and this will close the door.

Components approved for fire protection

The single components of the DICTAMAT 50 WS, the radial damper, spring rope pulley and electromagnet have been approved for their use on fire and smoke protection doors. At present no relevant standards exist for the complete system. Therefore it is not possible to obtain an approval for it and the system must individually be approved on site.

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Sliding door closer with freewheel function: in the event of an alarm the carrier casing will close the door

Sliding door closer with freewheel function: in the event of an alarm the carrier casing will close the door