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Sliding Door Closer DICTAMAT 50

DICTATOR provides a very flexible mechanical closing system for small and middle sliding doors, the DICTAMAT 50. The series joins a spring rope pulley and the patented lamellar radial damper LD. Together they make sure sliding doors close reliably – at a controlled speed.

  • closing speed adjustable to the requirements
  • closing forces from 25 to 100 N
  • suitable for travels up to 4 m
  • closing device works without current
  • can be fitted to the most different rail systems
  • also models available which are approved for fire protection doors

Here you’ll find more information on the adjustment of the closing speed and closing force.

Schiebetür Lösungen
Sliding Door Closer DICTAMAT 50 Modular System

DICTAMAT 50 BK – Modular System

the all-purpose modular system BK. It is available either as a standard kit or as an individual combination of the spring rope pulley and the radial damper required by the particular application.

Sliding Door Closer DICTAMAT 50 Compact Units

DICTAMAT 50 KP/KW – Compact Units

For certain applications the DICTAMAT 50 is also available as compact unit. Here all the required components are combined to a unit. The compact units may only be used on doors in buildings.

Sliding Door Closer DICTAMAT 50 Tensioned Wire Rope

DICTAMAT 50 WS – Tensioned Wire Rope

The DICTAMAT 50 WS Tensioned Wire Rope is offered in three versions: as normal closing device, with additional locking device and as freewheel version (in particular for fire protection doors).

Special Solutions

Besides this, with the DICTAMAT 50 series you can design innumerable special solutions for special applications. Just contact us, we’re glad to help.

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