High-quality lift technique convinces instructors of the secondary school Institut Palau Ausit, in Ripollet (Spain)

DICTATOR Española is the production site of the DICTATOR group in which lift systems such as the Homelift DHM 500 and the lift shaft system are manufactured. The company located near Barcelona has been intensely cooperating with the nearby Institut Palau Ausit for some years. The Institut offers compulsory secondary education along with baccalaureate levels and several tracks for technical vocational training.

The engineers of DICTATOR Española design and develop custom-made lifts specifically adapted to objects. These are then produced in state-of-the-art facilities specialized in individual solutions. Finally, in-house, skilled personnel install the systems at the final customer’s and put them into operation. Of course, we also reliably perform the necessary periodic maintenance work.

This uniquely large range of services is the reason why the traineeships provided by DICTATOR at the Institut Palau Ausit are usually full within a very short time and the students complete the work placement with excellent results.

In the course of intensifying this cooperation even more, DICTATOR Española now donated a functional hydraulic lift together with the self-supporting steel shaft system for free to the Institut Palau Ausit. This provides the students with the possibility to assemble the system anywhere in their practical training schools and to put it into operation. Now they can experience and understand all aspects of electromechanics and mechatronics in further detail directly on a high-quality, realistic object.

Besides this, several seminars have already arranged for technicians of the company DICTATOR Española to provide an even more detailed insight into the intricacies of today’s modern lift technology.

These joint efforts of the Institut Palau Ausit and DICTATOR make sure to create an ideal starting point for the future working life of tomorrow’s generations.

Immediately after having been delivered, curious students “conquer” the first components of the system.

Immediately after having been delivered, curious students “conquer” the first components of the system.

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