Lift Shaft System

Lift shaft construction DICTATOR lift shaft systemThe modular, completely screwable solution for inside and outside, certified according to EN 1090

A lift becomes more and more important in daily life. A lift should be planned not only in new buildings but also when modernising existing ones. A very important aspect for this is the barrier-free layout of buildings.

In all cases where a concrete shaft is not possible, be it for architectural or space reasons, the modular DICTATOR shaft system represents the ideal solution.

According to the Construction Product Regulation 305/2011/EU only lift shaft systems may be used that have been tested according to the EN1090 and whose production is under constant surveillance. The DICTATOR lift shaft system complies with these regulations (Certificate of conformity of TÜV Rheinland  0035-CPR-1090-1.00963.TÜVRh.2014.001, see Downloads).

Further main advantages:

  • Self-supporting.
  • Easy mounting without dirt as all elements are screwable. No welding needed.
  • Modular, adapts to any surrounding.
  • Versatile scopes for design: Cladding with metal plates, perforated sheet steel, glass, sheating of the most different types provided by the customer.
  • Inside and outside mounting.
  • Easy fitting into existing buildings.
  • Already in production prepared for the respective lift (rail brackets, machine room on top etc.).
  • Assembled completely from the inside.
Finishpowder coated, light textured paint finish, colours according to separate colour sheet (special colours at extra charge); for exterior use in addition hot galvanized
Maximum inside dimensions1950 x 1950 mm
Maximum height of shaft26 m
Lift typesof all manufacturers, hydraulic, electric
Rated load of liftmax. 600 kg with rear rails, max. 750 kg with rails on both sides
010103 Verkleidung SchachtsystemThe necessary ventilation of every lift shaft is achieved by using perforated sheet steel panels below the upper beams. The size of these panels depends on the base area and the travel of the lift.

The standard version of the lift shaft system with sheet steel panels or glass panes is not an insulated, waterproof structure. When installing the shaft system outside, sealing it with silicone (by customers) will make it to a large extent watertight.

If the shaft system shall be insulated and sealed, only the load carrying construction consisting of columns, beams, rail brackets, reinforcements etc. without panels can be used. The customer then can line the shaft system e.g. with sandwich panels or an aluminium framework with window panes. Another possibility is the subsequent closing of the shaft with a simple brick wall with no supporting function or a dry construction with insulating plaster (see the adjacent picture).

DICTATOR-liftshaft-system-componentsThe DICTATOR lift shaft system consists of various components. Varying combinations of the standard elements permit to adapt the shaft system to the most different requirements. This allows an economic, efficient production without reducing the possibilities for a bespoke, flexible design. The main components are described in the following (see also ill. 1, 2, 3, 4).

1) Load carrying components

a) Columns

Standard 80 x 80 mm (The columns on the sides where the rails are fixed, always must be of the standard profile 80 x 80 mm.)
Special profiles 80 x 35 and 80 x 30 mm

b) Crossbeams
c) Upper beams with lifting beam for installation and maintenance
DICTATOR-liftshaft-system-interior2) Reinforcements (depend on the installed lift)

a) Reinforcements in the columns
b) Diagonal braces between the beams (depend on the size of the lift shaft, the type of revetment used, the rated load).
DICTATOR-liftshaft-system-railbrackets3) Fixing brackets for the rails

Fixing brackets or plates depend on the type of lift and rails. They are ready to be bolted to the shaft system. Normally they are made in such a way that the company mounting the lift can use the ordinary consoles for fixing the rails. Oblong holes in the fixing brackets/plates allow for an easy adjusting of the consoles.
DICTATOR-liftshaft-system-finishes-4a4) Revetments

a) Closed sheet steel panels
b) Perforated sheet steel panels
c) Frames for safety glass VSG 10 or 12 to be provided by the customer
d) On demand special designs or the preparation for those (indication of weight and dimensions needed)
DICTATOR-liftshaft-system-finishes-4b5) Roof

Normally the roof is made of two parts,
a) horizontal for interior use,
b) slightly inclined for exterior use.
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