The DICTATOR homelift in the course of time – adaptable, flexible and modern

At the 2003 Interlift DICTATOR presented the Homelift DHM 300 for the first time to an international public. It was even possible to have a trial trip.

Even then, when developing the Homelift DHM, a “real” elevator was the guide for DICTATOR and they combined this concept with the freedom the Machinery Directive concedes to Homelifts. The objective was to provide the customers a safe, high-quality and durable, convenient lift which offers the possibility to use the available space to the last millimeter.

Customized production

From the very beginning one of the main aspects for DICTATOR has been that a Homelift is mainly intended to facilitate people who cannot climb stairs (any more) an unhindered participation in daily life. More and more people want to remain in the privacy of their home also when being old. In these cases a Homelift is often the ideal solution. To allow its subsequent installation, the concept has to be flexible and adaptable, because in the past just thinking about a lift in one’s own home was utopian, no preparations at all were made. And therefore it is extremely important that the Homelift adapts to the space available on site and not the other way round.

Homelift with the Qualities of a Lift The DICTATOR Homelift in the Course of Time

The DICTATOR Homelift 2017 – better than ever!

Today’s system has in common with the original DHM 300 only the name “Homelift. Now it is called DHM 500, because it is certified for a load capacity of up to 500 kg. Thanks to a revision of the Machinery Directive now also more comfort is possible. The main improvement is that now cabin doors are permitted which allow operating the lift by just shortly pressing a button.

Most modern techniques in production

Since 2015 the chassis, the cabin frame and the supports for the rails and the optionally available lift shaft system are produced by a state-of-the-art laser-cutting-machine with fully automatic material loading and unloading. This ensures the necessary flexibility in the production together with short lead-times and highest build quality.

DICTATOR also furnishes an always customized lift shaft system, appropriate for the Homelift DHM 500 and every other lift system. As of late a special program assists in the engineering work, establishing for any dimensions and constellation the complete production data – also considering the static demands.

All important information about the Interlift 2017 can be found here.

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Homelift customized production Most modern techniques in production
DICTATOR also furnishes an always customized lift shaft system
Homelift DHM 500 and every other lift system