25 Years of Portimex in Switzerland

For 25 years Portimex has been your competent partner for all that concerns doors, windows and unusual, complex requirements regarding moving, damping and stopping. The company had been founded by Rolf Bichler, whose technical expertise and inventiveness soon made the company an indispensable problem solver on the market. The commercial part was managed by his wife, Daniela Bichler, with as much knowledge and competence.

Nearly two years ago the first step was taken to pass the company over to the next generation: Katja Bichler, the daughter of Rolf Bichler, joined the company and with much enthusiasm and commitment familiarised within a very short time with her new responsibilities.

Portimex Goes About the Next 25 Years

On January 1, 2017 Katja Bichler has taken over the management of the company Portimex. Daniela Bichler has retired. Rolf Bichler and his knowledge still will be present and at the same time this knowledge will be passed on to the next generation. 

Dragana Stankovic started in the Portimex team in January 2017. Her range of activity will mainly cover technics and customer service. She has many years of experience in the field of doors. For nearly one year Tobias Spörri has been responsible for technical service and technical advice. Thus Portimex ensures imaginative and dedicated advice and support for all customers in Switzerland also in the future.

One of the main pillars of Portimex has been since 19 years ago the representation of the company DICTATOR in Switzerland. And DICTATOR fully supports the strategy for the future and the persons who constitute Portimex. This has been sealed by the DICTATOR group becoming an associate of Portimex.

We look forward to the next 25 years together with you.

PORTIMEX team Switzerland partner DICTATOR


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