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Training interlock for the laboratory at Saarland University, Saarbrücken (Germany)

The interlock control system helps students to get used to working in clean room conditions from the very beginning

The knowledge that working under clean room conditions is of elementary importance is imparted to the students at the Saarland University from the very beginning. Therefore a training interlock was installed in the university laboratory. This means that one can only enter the lab  when the access door from the corridor to the changing room is closed. Vice versa, it is only possible to leave the changing room when the lab door is closed.


When implementing the interlock, these two points were of importance:

  • Refitting and mounting the system should be easy, as well as programing it.
  • The optics of the operative elements should go with the existing key and socket system.

The flexible SP program for flush-fitted switch boxes of DICTATOR interlock control system offers ideal possibilities to also integrate keys provided by the customer into the operating terminals.

Besides the opening-door key, an indicator light and an emergency-open switch are the standard operating components which can be combined at will in a switch frame of the company Jung. Here a switching element of the university was added.

The doors are controlled by a central controller in which the relations between the doors are adjusted by DIP switches. It is also not a problem to later include additional doors into the interlock control system.

Here the doors were retrofitted with an electric strike each to make sure it is impossible to open a door when the other one is already open.

interlock control system

The upper three elements are parts of the DICTATOR interlock control system: emergency-open, indicator light, “open door” switch

The access door to the laboratory

The access door to the laboratory – protected by an interlock control system for flush-fitted switch boxes SP. The green light in the operating terminal indicates that it is possible to open the door because the other door is closed.

Clean room area

The clean room area is clearly separated from the “unclean” area of the changing room.

View of the changing area and the interlock door to the corridor

View of the changing area and the interlock door to the corridor – at the moment it is possible to leave because the indicator light is green.

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