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Quickly closing swing doors prevent loss of cold in refrigerated trucks

HAWGOOD swing door hinges close nearly at once without many swing motions – but also offer the option of a hold-open at 90° for cleaning etc.

The company N&E-Fahrzeugtechnik is an expert for trucks and has specialized in refrigerated vehicles.

They use swing doors made from PU boards to keep the cold in refrigerated storage rooms. These are much more stable than the classic PVC door leaves, they keep their shape, are less susceptible to environmental influences and are more cold-resistant.

It is of great importance that the swing doors always close at once to prevent the loss of cold. The DICTATOR swing door hinges HAWGOOD type 42 are ideal for this application. They also don’t require intricate adjusting after installation. Once they have been correctly mounted, they function reliably and center the door leaves automatically and very fast in the closed position. Same as the PU door leaves, they are stable because they are immune to the vibrations from the truck’s motion and their functioning is also not affected when the truck isn’t completely upright.

The swing hinges used are completely in stainless steel, which makes them resistant against the use of cleaning agents, high-pressure cleaners or similar.

But the swing hinges can do even more: for cleaning or ventilation they keep the swing doors open at 90°. For this purpose you simply have to open the doors by hand a little more than 90° and the hold-open feature takes effect. There is no need for an additional, complicated, external mechanical stop.

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Swing door hinges for Superstructure of Refrigerated Truck

Swing doors made from PU boards with DICTATOR swing hinges make sure that the cold storage room always remains closed during loading and unloading with the tail-lift and as little cold as possible escapes.

Clearly visible on the sides of the door leaf: the springs covered with a white tube (pilots) of the swing hinges.

Clearly visible on the sides of the door leaf: the springs covered with a white tube (pilots) of the swing hinges. When mounting the door in the truck’s superstructure only the pilots have to be inserted in the corresponding openings and the door is operational.