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Swing door hinges make work at bakery shop easier

Unique from DICTATOR: the hold-open at 90°

Working in a bakery shop can be more than stressful at peak times: Serving the customers at the counter and then also taking care of the small affiliated café.

On the one hand, the area behind the counter must be clearly delimited but, at the same time, employees must be able to leave the counter area quickly and enter it again without losing any time. Swing doors are ideal for this. However, whenever deliveries come or, for example, the crockery trolley has to be brought into the area behind the counter, then it is extremely annoying if the swing door closes constantly.

Therefore, DICTATOR swing door hinges are also available with a hold-open at 90° (in both directions). The door then remains open until a slight pull undoes the hold-open.

Our swing door hinges are available in different materials, finishes and sizes, so that it is possible to find a suitable solution for every bakery shop.

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A swing door protects the area behind the counter from unauthorized access.

DICTATOR swing door hinge fixed at 90º

With our swing door hinges the swing door remains open at about 90°, without an additional door holder.

DICTATOR swing door hinge fixed at 90º

Thanks to the special design of the swing door hinges, the width of the passage is reduced only by the thickness of the swing door itself.

Swing door hinge on counter - detail view

Small but powerful – and looks good at the same time.