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Special solution for sun protection at work

Door operator for automating sun protection sliding elements

DICTATOR door operators not only operate “normal” doors and gates. They also look forward to any unusual challenge many others would decline. Many years of experience, its own production and the high flexibility and modular structure of the operators allow DICTATOR to design and produce customized solutions for every need.

An example: DICTATOR provided a solution to automate sliding sun protection elements. The main difficulty of this project resulted from the dimensions of the panels mounted on the facade of the building: the elements were about 8 m high, and between 1.225 m and 2.155 m, up to 3.240 m wide. The weight of the panels varied between 600 kg and 1800 kg.

A particularly important feature was that the control of the operators had to be activated individually by the facility management system. It should be asured that the sun protection panels move in front of the windows during corresponding insolation. Safety was another very important aspect because the lower part of the panels is within reach of people.

For the complete installation the door operators of the DICTAMAT 900-21 series was used together with the controls and safety devices.

Another example of DICTATOR special solutions are the automated gates in a wind-tunnel test plant with 6 sliding and 2 lifting gates. They all had to meet the requirements of the EN 12453 standard. Due to special circumstances in a wind tunnel, the operators had to allow a pneumatic locking device provided on site to move the gates forward and downwards. The DICTATOR door operators also could meet all the other requirements, such as control of seals, bridging short power cuts without external emergency power supply and operating the doors manually during longer power cuts.

DICTATOR is always at hand when customised solutions and know-how are required to solve difficult problems in the field of door operators.

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Sliding door operator sun protection individual design

DICTATOR automates sun protection elements

The door operator moves the up to 1.8t heavy elements.

The door operator moves the up to 1.8t heavy elements.