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DICTAMAT 50 optimizes cooling for cold aisle containmens in computing centres

Stops energy losses due to open sliding doors

Today’s aim of the information and communication technology is “green IT” to preserve our environment by saving energy and resources. Also data processing centres try more and more to meet these requirements. Here, the servers are cooled with cold air while working for an efficient operation. In order to save energy, nowadays only the servers are cooled in, for example, free-standing cold aisle containments, and not the complete rooms. This reduces energy consumption of data processing centres by about 50 %. In the long run this means not only significant savings but also a substantial reduction of CO2 emissions.

In free-standing cold aisle containments all servers are permanently provided with cold air via a false floor. At the entrance there are usually sliding doors, but unfortunately, they don’t always close completely. As a result, cooled air can escape and warm air can enter, and this air would have to be cooled down, too. The consequence is an increased need of energy and therefore higher energy costs.

The DICTATOR closing device is the solution

The DICTAMAT 50 with integrated mechanical timer solves this problem! Partially open sliding doors belong to the past. The DICTAMAT 50 closing device needs no current and automatically closes the sliding doors silently and completely. The closing speed and the time the door is kept open are adjustable.

The convincing advantages of the DICTAMAT 50 with integrated mechanical timer are:

  • It doesn’t need electricity.
  • There are no expenses for energy and an annual electrical check.
  • The expenses for the installation, which is also possible on a retrofit basis, remain manageable.
  • It closes the doors (one and double-leaf) automatically and reliably also during a power failure.
  • The closing speed can be exactly adjusted and thus be adapted in an optimal way to the customer’s requirements.
  • The closing device DICTAMAT 50 is available as a modular system which allows to find a suitable solution even if there only is little space available.

Other applications in which the DICTAMAT 50 has already proved its worth are hospitals, old fellows’ homes and cruise ships. Everywhere the compact closing device makes sure sliding doors are closed.

For a successful application of the DICTAMAT 50 DICTATOR offers a comprehensive advisory service free of charge.

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Cold aisle containment in computing centre

The sliding door closer DICTAMAT 50 reliably closes the doors – without electricity.

The sliding door closer DICTAMAT 50 reliably closes the doors – without electricity.