Tube door closer closing access gates individual design
//Secure access control on access gates to premises
Secure access control on access gates to premises2018-06-28T08:11:33+00:00

Project Description

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Tube door closers closing the access gates to the premises

Access control to the premises of the company Von Ardenne, Dresden (Germany)

The company Von Ardenne in Dresden (Germany) was looking for a reliable door closer for their highly frequented access gates, which also should be as unobtrusive as possible. Just THE requirements for a DICTATOR tube door closer RTS.

The special problem was that the access gates to the premises don’t have frame profiles in which the tube door closer could be fitted.

Customized solution

The vertical tubes were cut off below the lower equaliser bar and instead a special profile which could house the tube door closer RTS was fixed in its place.

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Company Von Ardenne, specialist in photovoltaics

Access gate with tube door closer RTS, hidden in an extra profile

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