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RTS tube door closer

– working tirelessly for untroubled fun at Kombibad Paffrath (Germany)

The RTS tube door closer controls the stream of visitors in an absolutely discrete way, visible only for those who know it’s there. The tube door closer is mounted in the lower tube profile, and it’s not visible at all at a first glance.

It has been on duty for 16 years and has safely closed the door after every one of the approximately 80.000 – 100.000 visitors/year at the Kombibad Paffrath. There are many reasons that it lasts between 1.3 and 1.6 million cycles without any problems:

  • its”invisible” installation, which protects against getting damaged on purpose or by accident (see lower pictures)
  • its solid construction
  • the closing speed which can exactly be adjusted to the respective needs
  • the optimal installation by the company Dombacher Metallbau in Bergisch-Gladbach (Germany)
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 tube door closer DICTATOR RTS. At first sight not visible.

Not visible at first sight: the DICTATOR RTS tube door closer

tube door closer

Left: hardly visible, even when looking closely
Right: even with open door, barely noticeable