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Homelift DHM 500 makes family home accessible and suitable for all ages right from the beginning

The owners of the new 2-storey single-family house in the Netherlands planned far-sighted from the very beginning: a lift was to connect the ground floor and the first floor. This makes the house barrier-free and the residents don’t have to worry about what might happen if someone is no longer able to climb the stairs.

The DICTATOR Homelift DHM 500 is the ideal solution:

  • Minimal demands on the shaft pit and shaft head, so it can be easily accommodated in the single-family house.
  • For a cabin size of 1100 x 1400 mm, only 1410 x 1610 mm interior shaft dimension were required.
  • Very high-quality standard equipment due to stainless steel ceiling with LED spots and mirror, stainless steel door frame and battens
  • Absolutely flexible adaptation of the design to the wishes of the client

This included, for example, the installation of telescopic sliding doors. To allow for a door width of 900 mm, a recess was made on the side of the shaft in the door area. The telescopic sliding doors have two major advantages: A push of a button is all it takes to open the door. In addition, the cabin can then be moved as in a real lift using impulse operation, i.e. a short push on the button of the desired floor is enough. Without a cabin door, the button would have to be pressed until the cabin reaches the selected floor.

Furthermore, a door height of 2100 mm was required, which also made the cabin higher (2150 mm). The cabin should have the same flooring as the corridor in front of it. It was thus delivered in such a way that the corresponding floor plates could be retrofitted by the customer. And finally, another wish was also fulfilled: the normally horizontal control panel was arranged vertically as in a “real” lift, and a display was also added.

The lift shaft was built on site.

Homelift DHM 500 - Lift cabin from outside

The floor of the cabin was prepared in the factory for the customer’s floor tiles – the uniform flooring makes the cabin seem like a part of the corridor.

Homelift DHM 500 - Stainless steel ceeling with LED spots

The stainless steel ceiling with integrated LED spots is standard – and it really accentuates the high-quality design of the cabin.

Homelift DHM 500 - Control panel & mirror

All cabins of the Homelift DHM 500 have a large mirror on one side, which makes the cabin appear much larger. In the mirror you can see the control panel, which was arranged vertically at the customer’s request and additionally equipped with a display.

Homelift DHM 500 with telescopic doors

The telescopic stainless-steel sliding doors not only make the use of the Homelift even easier – they open by themselves at the push of a button! – but also the integrated cabin door allows the Homelift to function as an ‘automatic’ lift, i.e. the button for the desired floor only has to be pressed briefly. Without a cabin door, the button would have to be pressed until the desired floor is reached.

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