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Controlled closing of gates on ascending terrain

The DIREKT door closer is an efficient solution for gates with ascending hinges.

Gates with ascending hinges through which you enter premises on an ascending terrain can be quite malicious. They are hardly opened when they already fall shut with a loud bang. Thus they produce a nerve-raking noise that annoys both the owner and the neighbours, especially at times of rest. This uncontrolled banging also results in an increased wear and tear of the gate and in expensive repairs or even the replacement of the gate.

Gates without any control close much too fast and the passing person has too little time to get out of its range before it falls. If the person doesn’t react fast enough, he or she risks becoming injured. Children are specially at risk.

DICTATOR offers the efficient solution: the gate closer DIREKT.

The gate closer DIREKT is mounted to the jamb and the gate on the side of the hinges, damps the closing of the gate and ensures a controlled and quiet closing. The user can easily regulate the closing speed by means of a continuous adjusting ring.

Technical data for the DIREKT gate closer:

Dimensions of the gate leaf (height x width):

  • Incline max. 10 %: max. 2500 x 1500 mm
  • Incline higher than 10 %: free of charge clarification by the DICTATOR service
  • Weight of gate: max. 100 kg
  • Opening angle: max. 110°
  • Mounting: easy to mount and retrofit at any time
  • Closing speed: continuous regulation by adjusting ring
  • Closing force: 10-60 Nm
  • Safety of people: no dangerous final latch
  • Versions: besides the standard version (zinc-plated with weather proof plastic coating) also available in AISI 304 or AISI 316 stainless steel.

The free of charge DICTATOR service not only helps in choosing the appropriate DIREKT model but also with mounting advice.

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gate closer gates with ascending hinges. Controlled closing of gates on ascending terrain

Gate closer DIREKT mounted on a gate with ascending hinges.