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Sliding entrance gates on slopes can become very dangerous

Sliding entrance gates on slopes are usually equipped with a gate drive, as they can hardly be controlled by hand: Pushing the gate uphill takes a lot of effort. Downhill it would move on its own but, depending on the slope, it could move at a speed that is no longer controllable, which could turn out to be very dangerous and could cause the worst accidents.

But this situation can also occur with a gate drive: A power cut happens and the gate drive is uncoupled, so the gate has to be moved manually. Or the gate drive has to be serviced and the gate is not sufficiently secured.

The radial damper with toothed wheel cooperates with the gate drive tooth by tooth and reliably prevents dangerous situations

The radial damper is a damper that controls the speed of a gate during the entire travel distance, immediately preventing any increase in speed. The model with toothed wheel used for such applications is especially manufactured for outdoor use. The opening in the radial damper housing for the axle on which the toothed wheel is fastened is specially water-resistant. The housing itself is made from aluminium, same as all radial dampers of the 240/241 series.

The rack with which the gate drive runs the gate also moves over the toothed wheel of the radial damper. This controls the moving speed of the rack – in the direction of the slope. When opening the gate uphill, a built-in freewheel prevents the gate drive from having to apply additional force in this direction.

In addition, the radial damper also protects the motor because it considerably reduces the forces acting on the drive shaft during closing, thus ensuring a long operational life for the gearbox.

Übungsschleuse Universität

Due to the steep slope it is nearly impossible to move this entrance sliding gate without a gate drive.

Die Zugangstür zum Labor – geschützt durch die Schleusensteuerung, Baureihe Schalterprogramm SP.

The sliding gate opens uphill.

Der Reinraumbereich des Umkleideraums ist deutlich getrennt vom „unreinen“ Bereich

The rack runs first over the operator and then over the radial damper, the small, inconspicuous grey box.

Blick in den Umkleidebereich

There are different versions of radial damper for gates. They differ in their strength and the toothed wheel which has to suit the gate operator.

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