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DICTATOR Radial Dampers also Control Sliding Gates on Sloping Sites

The gate will close at a controlled speed, even in case of a power cut or an uncoupled operator

Usually sliding gates on inclines are equipped with an operator as their opening. Depending on the incline of the site, it sometimes requires quite some effort to open and it would be difficult to do it manually. The drive unit provides a safe and reliable opening and closing of the gate. However, due to the incline, such sliding gates are high accident hazards.

A radial damper offers double safety and controls the closing speed also without the gate operator

By all means it has to be ensured that such gates never close at an uncontrolled speed. People and cars parked in the entrance can be put at risk. Time and again it happens that gates close too fast, due to the impact in the closed position, jump their supports and tip over. The DICTATOR radial damper with toothed wheel follows along every gate movement and, in case the gate drive doesn’t work, ensures a smooth and controlled closing speed. This unquestionably prevents accidents.

To assure an always reliable function of the DICTATOR radial damper with a Z16/module 4 toothed wheel, they is made from stainless steel and the free wheel (there is no damping in the opening direction to reduce the opening effort) is sealed against ingress of water or dust. For many years these radial dampers have been used by well-known gate manufacturers, e.g. also for the “bärenstarke” (strong as a bear) Balu sliding gates. These radial dampers are also available with a Z12, module 6 toothed wheel – or as double radial dampers with an even higher damping force.

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Sliding gate of the Balu brand protects a gateway – DICTATOR radial damper offers safety.

Sliding gate of the Balu brand protects a gateway – DICTATOR radial damper offers safety.

Radial damper controls closing speed of sliding gates on slopes

DICTATOR radial damper: stainless steel toothed wheel and free wheel sealed against ingress of water and dust.