Heavy concrete doors automatically open and close with DICTAMAT310-21
//Door operator for remote-controlled, heavy hinged doors made from concrete
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Project Description

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Hinged door operator DICTAMAT 310-21 XXL automatically opens and closes heavy concrete restroom doors

Access door opens in the morning and closes in the evening via internet. An uninterrupted power supply (UPS) ensures the smooth operation also in case of a power failure

Near Emmeloord the recreational and nature protected area Wellerwaard was developed. The public beach is not just a popular destination in summer, Wellerwaard needed secure toilet facilities for many guests visiting the whole year round.

Therefore, two buildings for restrooms were built in the style of the Schokbeton barns (Schokbeton is a type of concrete invented in the Netherlands). Even the exterior access doors are made out of concrete. They are about 1300 mm wide, about 2400 mm high and weigh about 350 kg.

In the beginning, a floor spring was intended to close the doors. Normally this wouldn’t have been a problem for the DICTATOR WAB 180 floor spring, which can move doors of up to 600 kg. But here, on this exposed site with strong winds, DICTATOR didn’t consider it to be the optimum solution for safety reasons. Also for practical reasons, because the doors always have to be locked at night.

Restrooms at the public beach Wellerwaard in the Noordoostpolder in the Netherlands – the style is based on the so called “Schokbeton” barns which were typical in the period after the polder had been drained.

Therefore DICTATOR produced a solution for automatizing the doors. A hinged door operator DICTAMAT 310-21 XXL with an extremely powerful special gear box opens and closes the doors. This door operator doesn’t care about door weight or the wind load. Every morning the doors can be opened from the office via Internet and closed in the evening. As the restroom houses are always accessible to the public, it was very important to provide corresponding safety devices to eliminate any risk of the visitors getting injured by the very heavy doors. Several laser scanners suitable for exterior use survey the whole moving area of the doors. As soon as one of the sensors is activated, the door reverses a little bit and then stops.

The doors can also move in case of a power cut. This ensures a 230VAC emergency power supply (UPS).

In addition to the operation by remote control, both doors feature a key switch which allows authorized people to open and close them personally.

To make sure the doors can move easily, they are based on a WAB floor support. This looks like a WAB floor spring, but lacks the spring and serves only as bearing.

DICTATOR solution

  • Hinged door operator DICTAMAT 310-21 XXL
    with a 0.18 kW three-phase current motor, force 700 Nm
  • Control system: SQUARE 940
  • Opening and closing speed can be adjusted separately.
  • In case of obstacles it immediately reverses a littlebit and then stops.
  • An emergency power supply ensures the operation also in case of a power cut.
  • Safety sensors surveying the whole door area ensure the safety.
  • Daily opening and closing from far by internet. Additional key switch on site.
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The video shows how the DICTAMAT 310-21 XXL works.

The DICTAMAT 310-21 XXL is mounted inside the building – above the door. Even with strong winds, it easily pushes the door open and closes it reliably.

A 230 VAC emergency power supply (USV) ensures that the door operator can move the door also in case of a power cut.

The very heavy and large hinged door is based on a floor support which minimizes friction.

Safety laser scanners survey the whole door area. Every time before moving the door, the control system checks whether the scanners work properly. Only then it triggers the door movement.

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