barrier free lifts DICTATOR DHEExtremely reduced dimensions of pit and headroom

Barrier-free buildings become more and more important. But often the installation or re-fitting of a lift is not possible because the space usually required for the pit and headroom of a lift is not available and/or the space available for the shaft makes it impossible to install a standard lift.

Besides the DICTATOR Homelift DHM 500 lifts, the fabrication of which is based on the regulations of the Machinery Directive 2006/42/EG, DICTATOR offers for these applications the DHE LIFT according to the directive 2014/33/EU.

Its decisive advantages:

  • Pit 200 mm
  • Headroom 2.700 mm
  • Cars of all dimensions can have two accesses (either on adjacent or opposite walls)
  • Requires very little space
  • Customized, individual fabrication, i.e. optimum use of the available space
  • No machinery room required (drive assembly and controller in approved cabinet)

In case there is no shaft on site, the modular DICTATOR shaft system is the ideal complement for the DHE lift. It can be mounted inside a building as well as fitted to the outside of a building.

The DICTATOR DHE lift is the ideal solution for complex applications. Within the key data regulated by the directive 2014/33/EU every DHE lift is made to measure.

Functionninghydraulic lift, indirect, rope reeving 2:1
Nominal load225 kg; 300 kg; 450 kg; 600 kg
Travel speed0,62 m/sec.
Minimum dimension pit200 mm
Minimum dimension headroom2.700 mm
Travel20 m
Size of cabincustomized fabrication
Power supply230/400 VAC, 50 Hz
Type of doorstelescopic sliding doors; other doors on demand
Door width600 - 1000 mm
Number of stopsdepends on travel, min. distance about 900 mm
Dimensions of the carcustomized fabrication, clear height 2078 mm,
dimension Y (see drawing) max. 1200 mm
Number of accessesone or two (on adjacent or opposite walls)
Car doorsautomatic sliding doors, other doors on demand
Landing doorsautomatic sliding doors, other doors on demand
Engine roomapproved, lockable cabinet
Precision of positioning+/- 5 mm
Safety gearinstantaneous safety gear, pipe rupture valve
Control systemdown selective collective control with memory function
Apronfoldable apron with one access, foldable and lifting apron with two accesses
DHE 225DHE 300DHE 450DHE 600
Load225 kg300 kg450 kg600 kg
Minimum area0,60 m²0,79 m²1,17 m²1,45 m²
Maximum area0,70 m²0,90 m²1,30 m²1,60 m²
Motor rating kW9,611,811,814,7
Number of persons3468
Dimensions-DICTATOR-lift-DHEDimensions of the DHE lift

Every DICTATOR DHE lift is a customized model and manufactured individually, i.e. it is adapted in an optimum way to the available space. For that reason there are no tables with standard dimensions. Amongst others the desired working load, number and position of the accesses and the type and width of the doors determine the dimensions.

The adjacent drawing shows a DHE lift with an access on adjacent walls in a masoned shaft. The minimum dimensions for the types DHE 300, DHE 450 and DHE 600 are summarized in the following table. The dimension G may never exceed 1200 mm.
Machine-cabinet-DHE-DICTATORDimensions of DHE aggregate cabinet

The DICTATOR DHE lift needs no separate machine room. Instead of that the hydraulic assembly and the control system are placed in an approved cabinet.

There are two differently dimensioned cabinets available. The required size is determined by the corresponding lift.
Dimensions (width x depth x height) DHE 225 and DHE 300: 950 x 400 x 2100 mm
DHE 450 and DHE 600: 1030 x 620 x 2100 mm
Access door double-leaf
Finish varnished, RAL 7035

All dimensions in mm

By default, the following car furnishings are available.

Other options are possible on demand.

Wallsmelamine coated wall panels (6 standard designs),
optional: stainless steel or glass
two-part car wall in front of the hydraulic system (removable)
Mirrorstandard: one car wall (freely to be choosen) with mirror half the height of the car
Car ceiling - white or black perforated sheet steel with fluorescent tubes or
- white or black sheet steel with LED lights
optional: stainless steel
Floor- anti-slip linoleum floor (anthracite or beige) or
- prepared for stone floor to be provided by the customer
Operating panelvertical panel in stainless steel with stainless steel push buttons and display
(either red or blue)
Hand railround hand rail
- nickel-plated or
- stainless steel
Decorative elementsskirtings and door frames and lintels in stainless steel
Car doorsdouble-leaf, telescopic sliding doors in stainless steel, opening to one side
optional: centrally opening or three-leaf telescopic sliding doors
Landing doorsdouble-leaf, primed telescopic sliding doors, opening to one side
optional: stainless steel, centrally opening or three-leaf telescopic sliding doors

stainless steel panel with calling key and display
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