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Not only does their high quality characterize DICTATOR products but also the quality of the technical advice

A back check in combination with an overhead door closer on a slanted entrance door – is that possible?

At first glance, it is something impossible. The overhead door closer couldn’t be moved, and was exactly there where the back check would have had to be fixed. The back check could only be mounted in a slanted position, which also influenced the function of the back check. Due to the slanted position, the eyelets of the back check would have got jammed during the rotary motion and none of the mounting brackets designed specially for the installation in combination with an overhead door closer could be used. These are some of the points which riddled the technical advisory service but, for that very reason, also appealed to their ambition to find a solution.

The solution to this tricky problem was a back check with a non-standard length and a stroke of 400 mm and rose bearings which compensate for the slanted load. The mounting position was calculated to the millimeter to make sure the back check and the overhead door closer didn’t interfere with each other. The damping characteristics could be adapted on site to the special requirements, because the used back check offers the possibility of fine tuning by reducing the quantity of oil.

Due to the difficult situation DICTATOR not only calculated and designed the back check but also mounted it. This made sure everything works fine – including the hold-open at 90°! This feature makes it possible to leave the door open for ventilation, when goods have to be carried, etc.

Back check on door with unusual shape

The building of the Lebens- und Arbeitsgemeinschaft WestFlügel (Germany) – friendly, inviting and, at the same time, successful in a different way, same as their concept of psychiatric care for people with mental health problems.

Back check together with overhead door closer

The installation had to be absolutely precise according to the calculated fixing positions. Otherwise the smooth operation of door closer and back check wouldn’t have been possible.

Back check on slanted door

Due to the slanted upper edge of the door, the mounting brackets of the back check had to fixed in a slanted position as well. To make sure the back check works properly anyway, rose bearings were used to compensate for the slanting.

Back check with hold open at 90º

The back check also features a hold-open at 90°, which allows to keep the door open, in spite of the overhead door closer.

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