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DICTATOR back checks protect the new windows of the completely renovated old building from uncontrolled opening and thus damage

Education is one of the most important prerequisites for a well-functioning society. Of course, this also means that schools and universities must be in a position to carry out this educational task without restrictions. This also includes the functionality and safety of the buildings. For this reason, the federal and state governments have decided on various renovation programmes for some schools which have seen better days. The Grafing grammar school benefited from this.

During 2018/2019, the old building was completely renovated and modernised to the latest state of the art. This included modern windows, which together with a new heating system contribute considerably to energy saving. However, insulating multiple-glazed windows makes them considerably heavier than before. Wind, draught and, above all, the unfortunate ‘improper use by students’, i.e. slamming windows open, can quickly turn them into something quite dangerous. The result of this are damaged hinges, walls or even broken glass, together with subsequent high repair costs. To counteract this, the STUDIO_PLUS ARCHITEKTEN architects’ office has planned DICTATOR back checks for the windows from the very beginning, which, despite their main application in doors, are also an ideal solution for windows. They prevent them from slamming wide open, be it by wind, draught, careless operation or intentional vandalism.

Back check prevents damages on classroom windows

Although the middle window is quite narrow, an uncontrolled opening could result in very expensive damage to the fittings.

Open window with back check

The back check prevents the window from hitting the wall soffit and being damaged when opened.

The company Noll Fensterbau delivered and installed the windows together with the back checks. A total of 9 different window sizes were used, some of which were over 2 m high. DICTATOR was also challenged by the requirement to use the smallest number possible of back check types in order to simplify installation and later maintenance. Since the back checks are also available in adjustable versions, a solution for all different windows could be found with only 2 different back check types. The scope of delivery of DICTATOR naturally also included the exact calculation of the fixing points of the back checks for all windows.

Large window with back check

Another one of the 9 different windows – for all of which a solution was found with only 2 different types of back check.

Prep room with back check on double-leaf window

Wide, but lower windows in the preparation room between physics and chemistry room

Back check requires very little space on window

There is very little space above the windows due to the window lintel – but enough for the window back check!

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