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Back checks prevent uncontrolled opening of doors

Day-care centre “Krebsbachstrolche”, Bruchköbel (Germany)

The day-care centre “Krebsbachstrolche” offers its children a lot of room for development – not only by a elaborate concept to stimulate the children in all areas of life but also by a lot of space which includes a large outdoor area.

In the past, the doors of the day-care centre which open to the outdoor area had been damaged several times. The wind or the children who wanted to get outside as fast as possible, knocked open the doors to the outside. In consequence, the doors were damaged and had to be repaired again and again.

The solution: DICTATOR back checks

DICTATOR back checks impede the uncontrolled opening of doors and prevent damaged doors and hinges and possible risks for the children by doors knocking open.
A first sample mounted by the company Kovacsek convinced everybody. So all doors opening to the outside were furnished with a back check.
Thus the mounted back checks are an effective contribution to cost reduction in public domains!

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Back check on the door opening to the garden

Back check on the door to the garden

Back checks prevent uncontrolled opening of doors

Even wind can’t knock the door open any longer