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Back check protects glass door on exclusive shop in the Kranhaus Nord (northern crane house), Cologne (Germany)

Wind turned the large glass entrance door into a dangerous thing – for passersby, the facade of the building and the door itself.

By now it is difficult to imagine Cologne’s skyline without them: the Kranhäuser (Crane Houses) in the Rheinau Docks. The three buildings have been inspired by the port cranes in the former Rhine port of Cologne.

The Kranhaus Nord was completed in 2010 as the last one of the three buildings. Contrary to the other two buildings, which house offices, here luxurious flats were built. And in the ground floor there are exclusive shops.

Again and again the wind knocked the large glass entrance door of one of these shops open (approx. 1.45 x 2.4 m, weight approx. 140 kg!). The consequences: door damaged, door closer damaged, facade damaged. And it was only a question of time until the door hitted and injured a passerby.

DICTATOR back check put a stop to the wind’s game

To solve this problem was very easy. Company Nagel Metallbau from Wesseling (Germany) refitted the door with a DICTATOR back check. To achieve the optimal effect, DICTATOR exactly calculated the mounting position for this application – taking into consideration the already mounted overhead door closer.

As soon as the door moves too fast, e.g. when being seized by the wind, the back check intervenes and provides a controlled opening of the door. The uncontrolled knocking open is now definitely a thing of the past.

For an easy mounting, DICTATOR also furnished the back check, in this case in stainless steel, and the necessary fitting accessories too.

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The “Kranhäuser” in Cologne – inspired by the cranes of the former Rhine port

The “Kranhäuser” in Cologne – inspired by the cranes of the former Rhine port

Back check on glass door

The large shop door is an ideal target for the wind

Back check protects door from wind

The back check profides safety and considerably reduces maintenance costs (repairing the door, the door closer, the facade)