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Thanks to back check no more damaged doors in schools

Primary school Prüfening in Regensburg (Germany)

At the beginning of breaks or at the end of the school day doors in schools are put to a hard test: Everybody just wants to get out! The doors are opened as fast and as wide as possible – without any care.

The consequences: damaged hinges, stripped overhead door closers, broken doors and, in the worst case, injured students or teachers.

This problem became evident quite soon in the new primary school Prüfening in Regensburg, too.

The solution: DICTATOR back checks

A DICTATOR back check on a door allows to open the door as usual. But it intervenes as soon as the opening speed of the door becomes too fast and instantly slows the door down. This way the DICTATOR back check not only prevents an uncontrolled opening and the door becoming damaged but also reduces the risks for students and teachers.

More advantages of the DICTATOR back check:

  • The damping force of the TBR series is adjustable.
  • The damping strength is calculated according to the weight and dimensions of the door.
  • The provided fixing accessories allow an easy montage.
  • Optional: It is possible to lock the back check in the open position.
  • Optional: The back checks are also available in stainless steel for exterior applications.
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Primary school Prüfening in Regensburg (Germany)

Back check and overhead door closer – an ideal couple

Back check and overhead door closer – an ideal couple