Swing Door Hinges HAWGOOD 4000 and 4500

For doors up to 26 kg and 30 mm thick


  • Long operational life, require little maintenance
  • Shoe available in different materials and colours: nickel-plated, brass, grey plastic, black plastic
  • Plate in zinc-plated steel or stainless steel
  • Integrated hold-open at about 90° in both directions
  • The door stops swinging very soon and therefore causes little noise
  • Due to their design, the clearance width is only minimally reduced


  • Door thickness: Type 4000 is intended for 19 (- 24) mm-thick doors; type 4500 for 25 (- 30) mm-thick doors
  • Finish:  For architecturally demanding solutions the shoes are made out of brass (brushed or nickel-plated). The abrasion-proof plastic (light grey or black) are just as high-quality and durable and more affordable
  • Spring force: depends on the number of springs (E = 1 spring, D = 2 springs)

Product details

Materialplastic shoe, zinc-plated steel plate;
plastic shoe, stainless steel AISI 304 plate;
brushed brass shoe, zinc-plated steel plate;
nickel-plated brass shoe, zinc-plated steel plate
Door thickness4000: 19 mm (max. 24 mm); 4500: 25 mm (max. 30 mm)
Opening anglemax. 100°
Hold-openat about 90°
By using this table you can determine the correct swing door hinge size, depending on the width, height and weight of the door. Generally, you use either a pair of the “E” or “D” type per door.

For swing door hinges type 4000 or 4500 the maximum door weight is 26 kg. In case your door is heavier or has different dimensions to the ones in the table, please contact our technical customer service.

  • E = 2 x simple spring (1 pair)
  • D = 2 x double spring (1 pair)
Width (mm)300300400400500500600600700700
Height (mm)Max. door leaf weight [kg]

HAWGOOD swing door hinge 4000 E with brass shoe

Hawgood 4000E Dimensions

HAWGOOD swing door hinge 4000 D with brass shoe

Hawgood 4000D Dimensions

HAWGOOD swing door hinge 4500 E with brass shoe

Hawgood 4500E Dimensions

HAWGOOD swing door hinge 4500 D with brass shoe

Hawgood 4500D Dimensions

HAWGOOD swing door hinge 4000 E with plastic shoe

Hawgood 4000E Dimensions

HAWGOOD swing door hinge 4000 D with plastic shoe

Hawgood 4000D Dimensions

HAWGOOD swing door hinge 4500 E with plastic shoe

Hawgood 4500E Dimensions

HAWGOOD swing door hinge 4500 D with plastic shoe

Hawgood 4500D Dimensions

All dimensions in mm

Hawgood 4000 and 4500 InstallationAt least two hinges are necessary per door. They should be mounted approx. 60 mm below the upper edge or above the lower edge of the door leaf.

First, drill a hole for the spring tube into the frame: diameter 24 mm, depth approx. 60 mm. The hole must centered on the frame and should be drilled accurately at a 90° angle to the edge.

Then, mark the dimensions of the fixing plate on the frame and place the pivot of the swing door hinge into the hole. Ensure that there is clearance all around the plastic tubes, otherwise the spring in the plastic tube cannot work properly. The plate has to be parallel to the edge of the frame, too. Remove the swing door hinge and prepare the sinking of the mounting plate (3 mm thick) into the door frame, so that the mounting plate is flush with the door frame. Now drill the fixing holes, place the pivot of the swing door hinge in the hole and screw the plate to the frame.

IMPORTANT: The hinge shoe must be positioned exactly in a right angle with the frame to ensure the door closes completely.

Hawgood 4000 and 4500 InstallationFix the shoe to the door leaf: Put the door leaf in the desired height against the frame (if necessary place a block of wood underneath to achieve the correct height) and press it against the shoes so you can mark the exact height where the shoes need to sit.

Size of the recess:
4000E/4500E aprox. 24 x 14 mm
4000D/4500D aprox. 47 x 14 mm

If the door leaf is thicker than the inner measurement of the shoe, the door leaf must be equally reduced to the necessary thickness on both sides.

Insert the door into the shoes and drill the fixing holes. Make sure the fixing screws are securely screwed in the door.


  • If the holes for fixing the shoe to the door do not exactly fit in the center of the holes in the shoe, the shoe may slightly warp when tightened and get jammed against the spring pin.
  • Doors that can be opened more than 100º must be additionally equipped with a mechanical door stopper or similar.


To achieve optimum performance and the longest possible operational life, the DICTATOR HAWGOOD swing door hinges should be regularly cleaned and all moving and rotating parts should be lubricated.