Damping Systems

DICTATOR Damping Sliding Doors damping doorsFor slowing down sliding doors

There are different possibilities to slow down the movement of a sliding door:

  1. Controlling the speed during the whole travel
  2. Preventing the impact in the final positions
  3. Preventing the impact and keeping the door surely in the closed position

Radial dampers:
If the closing of the sliding door should be controlled during the whole travel (case 1), the LD radial damper is the appropriate solution. The radial damper is integrated in the sliding door closer DICTAMAT 50, but it can also be installed without closing mechanism. More information on the radial damper and its accessories can be found in Damping Engineering.

Final dampers:
If the movement of sliding doors should be slowed down just before reaching the final position (case 2), the DICTATOR final dampers are used. They are available in different sizes and types. For detailed information see Damping Engineering.

Door checks for sliding doors:
If the door should not only be slowed down before the final position but also kept safely in the final position (case 3), the DICTATOR door checks are the best choice. They also contribute to environmental protection and energy saving. Often small sliding doors are moving so easily that they are not slowed down in time, bang against the final position and reopen a little. Through this gap energy in form of heat or cold gets lost (e.g. with cold-stores or cold aisle containments of server rooms). DICTATOR door checks not only close the door gently and smoothly but also keep it firmly closed.

There are several models for different sizes of doors (see Door Checks).

We would be happy to assist in choosing the damping system appropriate for your project (anfrage@dictator.de).

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