Door stop and door buffer

Holds the door open in a determined position


  • Unobstrusive design
  • Adjustable holding force
  • Due to its flat design, it does not present an obstacle
  • Thanks to its aluminium casing, the door holder can also be installed outdoors
  • The flat plate is fixed to the floor where the door is to be kept open
  • The rubber buffer on the plate slows the door down, protecting it and its hinges


  • Stops the door gently when opening
  • Prevents door from opening beyond the desired angle
  • Keeps the door open in the desired position

Product information

Finishsilver stone-enamelled; dark brown stove-enamelled
Components includedcasing with ball, plate with rubber buffer, M8x50 countersunk head screw, dowel
Door weightmax. 40 kg
Door heightmax. 2200 mm
Door widthmax. 1000 mm

All dimensions in mm

Mounting position

The casing with the ball is fixed to the door as close to the closing edge as possible (largest possible distance to the hinges).


Installation Door Stop and Buffer

First, loosen the recessed head screw and remove the casing from the ball cage. Now the mounting plate is accessible. Screw it to the door with the 4 sheet metal screws (ø 4×16), 20 mm above the floor. To determine the position of the plate, open the door until it reaches the desired position. Then fix the plate of the door stop to the floor with the countersunk head screw (M8x50) and the dowel. The side of the plate with the buffer should point towards the door. The small pin (ø 6 mm), located at the bottom of the plate, now needs to be embedded in the floor to prevent the plate from turning around.

If the ball does not extend far enough into the plate you can correct the position of the mounting plate on the door as well as the position of the ball by simply moving the plate within the oblong holes. Then the casing can be slipped back onto the mounting plate and secured with the recessed head screw.

Adjustment of the holding force

The holding force of the DICTATOR door stop can be adjusted with the slotted screw on top of the casing:

  • Turning clockwise reduces the holding force
  • Turning anti-clockwise increases the holding force
File NameTypeDate of modification
DICTATOR Door Stop and Bufferpdf2015/06/06
DWG Door stop and buffer, 500310_11_12dwg2018/10/08

Order Information

DescriptionPart No.
Door stop and buffer, silver enamelled500310
Door stop and buffer, dark brown enamelled500311
Door stop and buffer, polished brass 500312