Door damper H 1300

With reinforced joint for particularly heavy doors


  • The reinforced joint and the longer roller lever ensure a long operational life, even when mounted on very large and heavy hinged doors
  • Thanks to its progressive damping characteristic, it reliably slows the doors down, even when mounted far away from the door hinges
  • Only available with nickel-plated finish
  • Due to its closing forces from 20 to 115 N suitable for a wide range of door types and mounting situations

Mounting options

  • By using different hooks it can be used on overlapping, flush and recessed doors
  • For narrow, steel door frames weld-on there are mounting plates available (see ‘Installation accessories’)
  • For thin-walled steel doors large surface there are mounting plates available (see ‘Installation accessories’)
Door damper H 1300

Product information

Type of doorshinged doors, right and left-handed, overlapping, flush and recessed
Closing force20 N; 50 N; 80 N; 115 N
Damping characteristicsprogressive
Closing speedadjustable
Damping fluidsilicone oil, almost independent of temperature
Components includeddoor damper, hook; fixing screws for wooden doors

Hook 1009

for flush doors (-1 to +13 mm)

Door damper H 1300 flush door

Hook 1013

for overlapping doors (+14 to +30 mm)

Door damper H 1300 overlapping door

Hook 1011

for recessed doors (-2 to -18 mm)

Door damper H 1300 recessed door

Door damper H 1300 hooks

Door check H 1300 dimensionsDimension of X with

  • 1009 hook for flush doors: X = 59
  • 1013 hook for overlapping doors: X = 78
  • 1011 hook for recessed doors: X 0 39

All dimensions in mm

Door damper H 1300 installation

The DICTATOR door damper H 1300 is fixed vertically more or less in the centre of the door leaf. The upper edge of the casing should stand out about 1 mm from the upper edge of the door leaf. See drawing under ‘Dimensions’.

The hook is fixed on the frame so that the rubber roller enters centred. The hook is at the correct height when the rubber roller on the bent lever just touches the front edge of the hook when closing.

For mounting on thin-walled steel doors the mounting plate part no. 205213 should be always used. In case the hook cannot be fixed onto the frame on all 4 boreholes, there is mounting plate part no. 205231XL available. Further information on the dimensions can be found under ‘Installation accessories’.

Mounting plate for installation on steel doors

Part no. 205213

Mounting Plate H1300 205213

Mounting plate for the hook on thin steel door frames

Part no. 205231XL

Mounting plate hook - 205231XL

All dimensions in mm

Order Information

DescriptionPart No.
H 1300 door damper, hook 1009, 50 N, nickel-plated300110
H 1300 door damper, hook 1011, 50 N, nickel-plated300120
H 1300 door damper, hook 1013, 50 N, nickel-plated300100
H 1300 door damper, hook 1009, 80 N, nickel-plated300140
H 1300 door damper, hook 1013, 80 N, nickel-plated300130
H 1300 door damper, hook 1009, 115 N, nickel-plated300145
H 1300 door damper, hook 1013, 115 N, nickel-plated300135


DescriptionPart No.
Mounting plate for hooks type 1009, 1011 and 1013, with 4 screws M5 x 6, zinc-plated steel205231XL
Mounting plate for door damper H 1300, with 4 screws M4 x 6, zinc-plated steel205213