Mechanical timer

Adjustable hold-open time for sliding door closers – without current

  • Comfortable operation of sliding doors, mechanical, without power consumption
  • Used in combination with a door closer when a door should stay open for a bit, e.g. in hospitals to push a bed through
  • Installed on the open position of the sliding door
  • Follows the same functional principle as hydraulic door dampers, but with the opposite outcome: a valve in the cylinder limits the flow rate of the oil. This determines the time after which the roller lever will be turned down completely and isn’t retained by the hook anymore and the door can close
  • Adjustable delay time
  • Opening duration depends on closing force of the mounted closing device
Mechanical Timer

Product information

Sliding door closer DICTAMAT 50 with mechanical timer



The DICTAMAT 50 closes sliding doors reliably and safetly – after a delay set at the adjustable mechanical timer.

Type of doorssliding doors
Materialcasing zinc-plated (blue); fixing bracket stainless steel; hook aluminium satin chrome
Components includedmechanical timer, 1 hook 1020 with large hole, 1 mounting bracket, fixing screws for wooden doors
Delay timeAdjustable; duration depending on the closing force of the closing device (see diagram)
Possible closing devicesSliding door closer DICTAMAT 50
Spring rope pulley

All dimensions in mm

The mechanical timer is usually mounted by means of a mounting bracket laterally on the wall in the opening direction. The hook is fixed at the back of the door leaf in a way that the roller lever of the mechanical timer enters the hook during opening and is completely folded up when the door is open.

Adjusting Range of Delay Time

The duration of the delay is adjustable. The adjusting range depends on the closing force of the spring rope pulley in the DICTAMAT 50, the counter weight or the like.

In the adjoining table you can see the duration as a function of the closing force of the closing device. The data applies at an operating temperature of approx. 22 °C.

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Order Information

DescriptionPart No.
Mechanical timer adjustable, zinc-plated, with mounting bracket and hook 1020500270