Our History

Qualität und Erfahrung seit 1932
Patent Hydraulischer Stossdaempfer Schliesser fuer Tueren Dictator company history

15 January 1932: The Beginning

The DICTATOR history starts with the patent no. 578533 of the German Empire “Hydraulischer Stoßdämpfer und Schließer für Türen” (hydraulic damper and closer for doors) – invented by a German and a Dutch.

DICTATOR Tuerdaempfer Erfindung

The First DICTATOR Product

The door check – an invention that is today as useful as it was in the year 1932.

Produktion Fertigung Tuerdaempfer

The First DICTATOR Production

Back then the DICTATOR door checks were made by hand – and already then with the highest quality standards.

The first DICTATOR company car

The First DICTATOR Company Car

– registered in Westphalia. An effective marketing action which obtained a lot of attention.

DICTATOR Deutschland Logo ab 1932

The First DICTATOR Logo

underlines the internationality of DICTATOR and shapes the image of the brand during the first decades.

DICTATOR NV Geschichte

Competition Is Good for Business

Also in the Netherlands a company “DICTATOR NV” is founded which produces and sells the DICTATOR door check.

Wachsende Produktpalette DICTATOR

More Products Follow

By now DICTATOR manufactures closing springs, overhead door closers, the DICTATOR Standard door check and final dampers for lift doors.

Mr. Dr. Schneider takes over the “Deutsche Dictator Türschließer Gesellschaft Ruef & Co.” – and since then the DICTATOR group is family-owned.

1st February 1971: Change of Proprietor

Mr. Dr. Schneider takes over the “Deutsche Dictator Türschließer Gesellschaft Ruef & Co.” – and since then the DICTATOR group is family-owned.

Firmenzentrale in Neusäß, 1973

1973: Moving in the Company-Owned Building

The head office moves in its own building in Neusäß near Augsburg/Germany – which, however, gradually would become larger.

1970er Jahre Internationalisierung

The Seventies – Internationalization

In the seventies the first foreign bases are set up: DICTATOR Española in Barcelona/Spain and DICTATOR Engineering in Paddock Wood/United Kingdom.

Radialdämpfer Geschichte

New Products of the Seventies

The DICTATOR product range expands: The radial dampers facilitate for the first time to mechanically control the closing speed of sliding doors.
DICTATOR gas springs are the first product line manufactured exclusively on a customized basis.

Anbau zum Firmengebäude DICTATOR

1978: First Extension of the Head Office

For the first time the company building is extended: A second floor is added to the annexe to create more space for offices and warehouse required due to the successful development.


The Eighties – New Locations

In the 1980ies the DICTATOR group continuously expands:
1982: DICTATOR Berlin, firstly located in Kreuzberg
1983: Antriebsproduktion HAUG
1989: DICTATOR Sverige, sales office in Sweden

Einführung der Brandschutz-Antriebssysteme von DICTATOR

New Products of the Eighties

The product range for the sliding door sector is consequently expanded: Specially for the fire protection sector complete drive units are developed, together with the corresponding smoke detectors and hold-open systems.

DICTATOR Firmengebäude 1983

1983: New Annexe for the Head Office

The next extension of the company building: a new annexe for offices and the warehouse

Zusammenführung mit DICTATOR Holland 1988

1st January 1988: Reunion of the Separated Companies

More than 50 years after the collective invention the two DICTATOR branches in Germany and the Netherlands are joined: DICTATOR Productie in Emmeloord becomes one of the main production sites of the DICTATOR group – and sales office for the Netherlands.

WaCo Gerätebau, Dresden

The Company Group in the Nineties

More companies join the DICTATOR group:
DICTALIFT in Budapest/Hungary
WaCo Gerätebau in Dresden/Germany: Soon state-of-the-art production machines can be found in this company, thanks to very much dedication, know-how and capability.

Elektrohaftmagnet für Feststellanlagen

New Products of the Nineties

The electromagnets needed for the hold-open systems are now manufactured in the own production – to assure the highest quality and flexibility.
And another new development drew attention: the DICTATOR toilet seat damper (soft close) made of plastics, back then an absolute speciality.

Firmenzentrale Erweiterung 1998

1996: New Building Activity for More Room

A new office floor is added. This creates the room needed for the development of the technical customer service which becomes an increasingly important, central trademark of DICTATOR.

DICTATOR Espanola 1998

1998: Special Solutions by DICTATOR Española

DICTATOR Española has developed from a small sales office to an important pillar of the DICTATOR group. Here the operating solutions for special projects start and in the sector of large, heavy doors, windows etc. become one of the trademarks of DICTATOR.

Produktion von Gasfedern für den englischen Markt

The Decade Beginning in 2000: Extension of the Gas Spring Production

DICTATOR Engineering moves into “Inga House“, all gas springs for the British market are manufactured there. In the German and British production the lead times for gas springs are drastically reduced – to 5 – 10 days, in spite of the exclusively customized production, also of single pieces.

Tuerschliesser DIREKT Einführung

New Products of the Decade Beginning in 2000

The tubular door closer RTS is joined by a “sibling”, the gate closer DIREKT – which soon outsells the RTS and becomes a hit.
Plastics consequently continue to be used as the material of the future – for the patented lamellar radial dampers LD.

DICTATOR Aufzugsfertigung in Spanien

2002: Lift Production of Our Own in Spain

DICTATOR Española establishes its own production for the DICTATOR Homelift DHM and the DICTATOR lift shaft system – to be able to manufacture customized lifts.

Wachsende Produktpalette DICTATOR

2004: Starting the Security Technology

The development of interlock systems adds a completely new product range. These DICTATOR products are completely pluggable and can be installed without programming knowledge – they are modular, flexible and easy to handle.

Gründung der DICTATOR Stiftung

2013: Guaranteeing the Future

Establishing the DICTATOR foundation on 17 September 2013 ensures that the DICTATOR group remains independent, customers, suppliers and employees continue to be essential and that good personal relations not fall victim to the electronic era.

Produktneuheiten 2010er Jahre

2014: Development of a New Operating System

The DICTAMAT MultiMove profits of the long standing experience of DICTATOR in the range of door and gate operators. The drive system for sliding doors is extremely flexible and its modular structure allows to adapt it to the most different customer requirements.

Neue Fertigungsgebäude HAUG

2014: Development of the Production

The fabrication of the DICTATOR door and gate operators, the patented lamellar radial dampers, the spring rope pulleys, sliding door closers, toilet seat dampers etc. moves in their own, new and spacious premises on the Swabian Alb (Germany). Now DICTATOR can react even faster and more flexible to market requirements.