The Sliding Door Closer DICTAMAT 50 Opens “Escape“ Door as if by an Invisible Hand


The TwistedRooms Hamburg (Germany) offer a somewhat different leisure time experience: Small groups are locked in a room and have to open the door to freedom by solving puzzles and completing tasks. To ensure a successful experience, the applied technique has to be absolutely reliable. Therefore here the DICTAMAT 50 is a door opener which – according to the game – opens the double-leaf “escape door” in a spookily silent and slow manner.


Twisted Rooms Hamburg

From the outside the door gives an unspectacular impression. It is a double-leaf wooden sliding door normally being locked by bar magnets in the closed position. Only when the players have solved the puzzles of the Escape Room, the control system of TwistedRooms will release the door and the DICTAMAT 50 will open both leaves synchronously. Due to its modular structure, the DICTATOR sliding door closer can be used in a very flexible way and in this case serves as an automatic door opener.

You can read more about this unique application here.

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Sliding door closer DICTAMAT50 opens escape door

The “Escape Door“, designed, built and installed with a lot of sensitivity for the special application by the company Holzservice Langer, Korschenbroich (Germany).