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Flexible, large-format shelf stoppers put Racofix products in the right light

The larger the home improvement store, the more difficult it is for customers to find the product they are looking for. Shelf stoppers or “shelf plugs” are used to draw the customer’s attention towards a specific product. According to a marketing lexicon, these are “optical signals intended to induce customers passing by to turn to the goods in the shelf. In most cases, these are posters or signs placed at right angles to the direction of walking…”.

However, a discreet sign is usually not sufficient in a home improvement store. That’s why the company Racofix uses a larger version of the shelf stopper. It is important that these panels with product information or product samples are flexibly fixed so that they do not put customers in danger. Thus, if a customer overlooks the shelf stopper and runs against it, it can fold away – but then of course it has to return to its original position by itself.

The company Isinger + Merz GmbH had initially tried to fulfill this requirement with simple springs. However, wehn the shelf stoppers became bigger and heavier, they had to look for a different solution. This was found with DICTATOR’s HAWGOOD swing door hinges.

Shelf stopper with DICTATOR HAWGOOD swing door hinges

If someone runs against the shelf stopper, it folds away thanks to the incorporated swing door hinges (as in small doors in shop counters).

Shelf stopper as extra selling area

Shelf stopper used as an additional sales area. However, the weight was too much for normal springs. The solution: HAWGOOD swing door hinges 4000E

The 4000E series has the ideal size and spring strength for this application. In addition to an easy installation, these swing door hinges have two other important advantages:

  • They only swing for a very short time, i.e. the shelf stopper returns very quickly to its original position and clears the way to the shelf again.
  • If required, the shelf stopper can also be folded against the shelf (e.g. if larger objects have to be transported through the aisle or a cleaning vehicle drives through the store). The swing door hinges have an integrated hold-open at 90°. Afterwards you simply pull them out of the hold-open and they immediately return to their task of drawing customers’ attention to the products.

The company Isinger + Merz has developed a special mounting for the swing door hinges that can be easily attached to the widest range of shelf supports.

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Holder with swing hinges for shelf stopper

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