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Easy Opening of Heavy Machine Flaps

Oil dampers in machines of the Company L.B. Bohle Maschinen + Verfahren GmbH

The L.B. Bohle Maschinen + Verfahren GmbH are among the leading manufacturers of process machines and in particular of coating systems for the pharmaceutical industry. In these coaters tablets are covered with a protective film. The systems of company Bohle are characterized by an optimum processing combined with a sparing use of resources and a high efficiency.

The coaters are serviced and maintained through a lateral revision flap. For opening it will be folded downwards by 180°. As the machines are completely made of stainless steel, these flaps have a corresponding weight. This requires a high effort of the operator and poses an ergonomically unfavorable strain.

The solution

In close cooperation with Bohle, DICTATOR has developed a special oil damper for these flaps which regulates the speed of the opening during the whole movement. Because of the constructed fixing points the solution of the problem became a thrilling task for DICTATOR. But the problem was solved to the utter satisfaction of the customer.

Another challenge was that the damper – for a short period – again and again is exposed to temperatures up to 150 °C and therefore requires special seals. Other requirements which this customized oil damper had to meet were FDA compliant oil for use in the pharmaceutical sector, complete production in AISI 316 (1.4404) and a protection against electrostatic charging during the rotary movement.

For decades DICTATOR has been specialized in the development and production of customized items. This includes the competent support service of qualified technicians already during planning, as well as the productions being equipped with ultra-modern and flexible machines and production processes which allow a fast and high-quality manufacture also of single units or small batches.

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Oil damper to lift heavy flaps in machines - customised solution

Bohle KOCO Coater with DICTATOR oil damper

Bohle KOCO Coater with DICTATOR oil damper

Bohle KOCO Coater with DICTATOR oil damper