//Modern door technology for historical town hall
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Monument conservation and ultra-modern technology – no contradiction thanks to DICTATOR

Concealed DICTATOR tube door closer in the entrance door of the town hall of Leimen (Germany)

The town hall of Leimen (Germany)dates back to 1800. To enable a modern administration working in an old building is no easy task. The entrance area has been designed in an open and welcoming way with a glass entrance door and glass panels. The complete fittings of the RTS door closer are well concealed in the door. The DICTATOR door closer RTS is built in in the steel middle part of the door.

The door closer is invisible to visitors of the town hall and does not affect the impressive view of the building.

The door closer RTS allows for ambitious architectural solutions as far as doors are concerned, without affecting the general concept.

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Tube door closer entrance door town hall Germany

The town hall under monument preservation in Leimen

The glass entrance door with concealed built-in door closer

The glass entrance door with concealed built-in door closer

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