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Homelift – THE answer to all problems due to limited space

also in case of very unusual shaft dimensions

Barrier-free living is becoming more and more important. To facilitate this, it is crucial that the often necessary lift adapts to the space available – and not the other way round! DICTATOR has met this challenge. All DICTATOR DHM 500 lifts are customized products, adapted in an optimal way to the specific requirements and situation of each object.

In this case, mobility for the inhabitants of the house could be achieved in spite of the extremely little amount of space of 840 x 1070 mm available. The solution offered was the DICTATOR Homelift DHM 500 together with the DICTATOR lift shaft system. Special supports for the hydraulic system were also used, along with special doors and special profiles.

Very large solutions are also part of the daily routine at DICTATOR. In another case the cabin had to be 1800 mm deep, as there were opposite accesses. If that hadn’t been achieved, expensive modification of the house would have been necessary. The robust construction of the DHM 500 makes even such complicated executions possible .

Another requirement – where DICTATOR can also offer a solution – is a triangular well hole, for example. Here a “normal” Homelift with a rectangular cabin is not possible. For such a case, a pentagonal DICTATOR Homelift DHM 500 with corresponding DICTATOR lift shaft system was designed. This provided a large enough cabin. There was even enough room for automatic doors with an acceptable clearance width.

Our experienced engineers combine the most modern technology with the unrivalled flexibility of the in-house production, thus allowing DICTATOR to make a standard out of any thinkable special solution.

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Homelift triangular limited space unusual shaft dimension

DHM 500 adapts to triangular stairwell