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Replacement of old hold-open systems for the safety of building and people

Oranien School in Wiesbaden (Germany)

Reliably functioning hold-open systems are essential. They assure that the fire doors stay closed in case of a fire and the fire cannot spread without hindrance.

In the Oranienschule, fire doors are installed between the staircase and the respective hallways leading to the classrooms. In order not to hinder the free access to the classrooms during normal school hours, electromagnets keep them open. These are controlled by connected smoke detectors. In case of an alarm the power supply of the magnets is cut and the doors close.

DICTATOR offers special fire protection workshops. Here the participants are imparted all the necessary knowledge about the general regulations and the corresponding DICTATOR products. After having passed the workshop, the participants receive a certificate which entitles them to mount, place into operation and maintain DICTATOR hold-open systems.

In the case of the Oranienschule, the company Kempf & Co., Taunusstein/Germany, had completely replaced and updated several old hold-open systems after having participated in a DICTATOR workshop. DICTATOR also assisted them on site with appropriate advice.

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Replacement of Old Hold-Open Systems for the Safety of Building and People

DICTATOR hold-open system on the doors leading to the staircase of the school

Replacement of Old Hold-Open Systems for the Safety of Building and People

The Oranienburg School in Wiesbaden (Germany)