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DICTATOR gas springs make for a well-kept appearance

Customized solution for the windows of the London City Hall

The distinctive form of the London City Hall has become one of London’s landmarks. When designing the building a high value was set on its energy efficiency.

The windows of the building have been fitted with more than 3600 DICTATOR gas springs. The extraordinary challenge was that, due to the form of the building, DICTATOR had to calculate the gas springs for each window separately in order to provide optimal function. But that poses no problem to the DICTATOR calculating service. Thus, suitable gas springs were manufactured for each and every individual window.

For a smooth mounting flow, DICTATOR provided another service: every gas spring was labeled with the number of the window to which it belonged, and all gas springs were packed following the order of the windows!

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One of London’s landmarks: the building was finished in 2002.