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Gas springs on roof hatch facilitate a comfortable and safe exit

When released, the roof hatch opens on its own, remains open – and can easily be closed again.

Before the installation of the DICTATOR gas springs, exiting on the flat roof was not so easy. Standing on top of the ladder and opening the roof hatch required a pushing force of about 11 kg. And while exiting you still had to hold the hatch to prevent it from falling down. Quite an effort and a danger!

Therefore Mr. Schaaf of the company Vorbeugender Brandschutz in Cologne contacted DICTATOR. He was looking for gas springs which would automatically open the hatch up when the lock was released to an angle of about 50° and keep it open so one could stand safely on the ladder and easily climb on the roof. And, of course, the force required for closing the hatch again had to be as little as possible.

Gas springs on the roof hatch facilitate a comfortable and safe exit

The roof hatch measures 660 x 1400 mm and weighs about 11 kg. Up to now it had to be lifted manually.

Decisive for the good functioning is the correct dimensioning of the gas springs and determining the ideal fixing points.

Only in this way can it be asured that the gas spring opens the hatch slowly and in a controlled manner, keeps it open and allows to close the hatch with little effort.

DICTATOR calculated and provided for this special application two gas springs which could be fitted very close to the fulcrum and thus don’t hinder the exit. The force required for closing the hatch is only 6 kg. The gas springs also averted the danger that the hatch would close accidentally and lock while somebody was still on the roof, thus preventing his return.

We, at DICTATOR, are especially happy about being able to offer our customer the exact solution he needed:
“Als Kunde bin ich bei Dictator schon länger mehr als zufrieden. Die Technik hat mir nun bereits wiederholt eine Lösung präsentiert, die bei weitem kein Standard war. Was will man mehr. Ich bedanke mich für den tollen Service!”  (For already some time I have been a more than satisfied customer of Dictator. Their technicians repeatedly presented me a solution which, by far, was not standard. What else do you want,,. Thank you very much for the great service!)

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gas springs on roof. Now two gas springs open the roof hatch – without reducing the exit area – and surely keep it open.

Now two gas springs open the roof hatch – without reducing the exit area – and keep it open securely.